30 Little Known Facts About Your Breasts

Men should be so jealous that they don’t have boobs. Whether your set is small and perky or large and round, your boobs are awesome and you know it. You can buy beautiful lingerie to decorate them with, strap them down in a sports bra or just go braless and let them be free. But how much do you really know about your boobs? How much do you know about those beautiful, wondrous boobs you have?

1. Your left boob is probably bigger than your right one. No one really knows why, but it probably has something to do with your immune system.

2. Dudes have nipples because all fetuses begin female.

3. The L cup is the largest bra size available.

4. About two million women in the United States have implants. Most women tend to get implants after they have children, and they don’t go up too much in size.

5. A D-cup breast weighs about one pound.

6. Implants are pretty safe, but sometimes scar tissue around your implants can get tight. This hard breast is called a capsular contracture, and it can be serious, requiring another stop at the doctor’s office.

7. Like 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Go get fitted at Nordstrom by the real pros and see how your life changes!

8. The most popular cup size around the globe is a B cup. In America, it’s a 36C.

9. Your boobs are at their most symmetrical in the middle of your ovulation cycle.

10. Your boobs basically stop growing after you turn 25. Unless you gain weight or get pregnant, they’re probably not gonna get any bigger after your mid-twenties.

11. A woman named Annie Hawkins-Turner has the world’s largest natural breasts. They’re a V CUP. WHAT THE HELL. She started wearing a bra in third grade.

12. When men are hungry, they prefer larger breasts. Biology is weird, man.

13. Nipple and breast play releases oxytocin, the chemical released during orgasm.

14. About six percent of people have a third nipple, including Harry Styles and Mark Wahlberg. And Chandler Bing!

15. It’s a crapshoot as to whether your chest size and shape comes from your dad’s side of the family or your mom’s.

16. Your nipples get dark when you’re pregnant because infants are colorblind when they’re born. A darker nipple makes it easier for them to nurse.

17. Women in ancient Rome wrapped fabric around their breasts while they exercised, creating the first sports bras!

18. Apparently the Milky Way was created by Greek goddess Hera, who was nursing a baby that wasn’t hers. When she discovered the kid wasn’t of her genetic material, she yanked him off her boob and spilled milk into the stars, creating the Milky Way galaxy.

19. The bra as we know it wasn’t invented until the ‘20s. Maidenform, the brainchild of a husband and wife, debuted the modern-day bra and its sizing back when flappers were eschewing corsets.

20. Your breasts have very thin skin because, as they grew, the skin stretched. They’re also susceptible to UV rays when you’re laying out; your bikini top doesn’t cover very much skin and it isn’t a substitute for SPF.

21. Don’t sleep on your stomach, because over time it can mess up your boob shape.

22. If you’re a smoker, your boobs might be more likely to sag due to the chemicals in cigarettes, which can break down elastic in your body.

23. You can walk around topless in Hawaii – it’s legal.

24. Ancient Egyptians were the first to report cases of breast cancer. There are cases in their medical writings that sound very similar to breast cancer, and they didn’t have a cure.

25. Men who make more money prefer smaller breasts. In addition, men who aren’t into the idea of having children prefer smaller breasts, too, since large breasts often subconsciously signal the ability to bear children.

26. Breast milk is supposed to be sweeter than cow’s milk. I wonder who was first to compare the two.

27. When you breastfeed, it bonds you to your baby in more than a few ways. Breastfeeding actually makes a woman more attuned to the sound of crying.

28. There’s a “study” circulating around the internet that says staring at boobs can extend a man’s life by five years. However, we’re pretty sure this study is a total hoax, considering the author doesn’t actually exist.

29. Your nipples aren’t the most sensitive area, contrary to popular belief. Many women say that the area above the nipple is the most pleasurable when stimulated.

30. Both Marie Antoinette and Kate Moss are said to have champagne glasses modeled after their breast shape. That’s basically my dream life! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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