40 People Explain What Their Most Irrational Fears Are

Everyone has fears. It’s human nature to be afraid of things, from spiders to scarecrows to monsters under your bed. That’s totally normal. We’re taught to be afraid of things.

Of course, some of the things we’re afraid of don’t stem from scary movies or urban legends. They’re just things we’re afraid of regardless of the fact that they’re totally silly and irrational. I asked my social network about their irrational fears, and what they came up with is both funny and fascinating.

“When I was little, I was terrified of finding garter snakes in the toilet. Also, I am really afraid of seeing the Statue of Liberty up close.”

“Going scuba diving in a shark cage and the chain breaks and you have to swim through sharks.”

“I’ll get bitten by a spider while fetching wood from the woodpile at the cabin and get a flesh-eating disease.”


“That I will randomly throw up in public all over myself, or someone else. Like in the middle of a conversation.”

“Totally convinced that any vehicle I’m in is going to kill me at all times: combustion, doom accident, wheel falling off …”

“Butterflies. It’s so dumb and they’re super pretty, but they freak me out in real life.”
-Ashley H.

“Gates in city streets. Pretty sure the one time I’ll ever walk over one, I’ll fall right through. Or I’ll have a dress on and the people under it will get a show.”

“Carrying a sharp object (nail clippers, knife, scissors), tripping and impaling myself or a loved one.”

“Balconies or high places with railings.”

“Demonic possession.”
-Jakey (Someone has been watching too much old “Days of Our Lives.”)

“Someone took my journal when I was a freshman in high school. I’ve never kept digital journal [since] for fear of misplacing and sending a private document.”

“[Going down] an escalator in a maxi skirt or palazzo pants.”

“Blue whales. I had a dream I was on a high diving board looking down at an Olympic pool with one inside. Also, getting my arm cut off in a garbage disposal. I’ve never lived anywhere with a garbage disposal.”

“Going bald. I have no idea why. There’s not a single instance of female balding on either side of my family. My hair isn’t falling out or thinning.”

“I have two elevator fears – getting cut in half when you’re getting off or free-falling to your death.”

“[I’m afraid] that someone is hiding under my car and going to slice my Achilles.”

“Walking up stairs too slowly because an unseen monster is going to drag me away.”

“Giant statues of people and animals.”

“Cows! I am terrified of cows.”

“I’m afraid of the dark and absolutely will not look in mirrors if I’m up at night. Afraid of seeing ghosts and Bloody Mary.”

“Things touching my wrists. I can’t wear tight bracelets or hair ties around my wrists, and I don’t like people touching them.”
-Hannah H.

“That the pilot will forget to put the wheels down when he’s landing the plane.”

“Guys in pastel polo shirts FREAK ME OUT.”

“Someone breaking in or kidnapping me when I don’t have my contacts in. I legit slept with contacts in for years. I’d be a goner.”

“Falling into a coma for 30+ years and the person I love moves on and has a family, but I wake up and I’m still in love with them.”

“Grown men licking ice cream cones, squirrels, and my toenails being ripped off.”


“I have an irrational fear that my car will get jacked, the station will explode or I’ll get robbed while pumping gas.”

“Escalators, revolving doors, and clusters of holes.”

“Clusters! Clusters of holes, specifically. Have you ever seen a lotus seed pod? That makes me want to scream.”

“When I’m drinking from a fountain, [I’m afraid] someone will come up from behind and smash my face in it.”

“Someone getting access to my iTunes account and judging my music.”

“Getting stranded at sea.”

-Josh A.

“A wood tick will get me naked faster than the hottest guy on Earth and leave me crying hysterically.”

“A python in my toilet. I think it stems from an episode of ‘Cops’ when I was little.”

“Stepping on toads and frogs on my patio or sidewalk after it rains. Blech.”


“Eating baby carrots that have gone soft. I don’t know why.”
-Ella Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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