17 People On Their Dating Deal Breakers

Don’t Trust The B
Don’t Trust The B

1. “If a guy orders a steak ‘medium well.’ Or even worse, ‘well-done.’” – Amanda

2. “[Someone saying] ‘I’ve never been on an airplane. Also, mentioning the fact that you’re a mens’ rights activist.” – Courtney

3. “I used to say it was sharing my first name; now, I’m engaged to someone with my name.” – Melissa

4. “No sense of humor. White boy dreads. Ignorance. Consistently bad breath is worse than B.O.” – Britta

5. “I don’t date gamers, libertarians, men who aren’t nice to their moms, men who don’t open doors, men with two first names, men who dress badly, men who don’t read, men who instagram memes, unemployed men. I used to say I wouldn’t date a dude who weighed less than me, but I’ve changed my mind on that.” – Rachel

6. “Bros. Wearing baseball caps. Being too into sports. Liking Mumford & Sons or Kings of Leon. On the opposite side, believing in the power of crystals.” – Ali

7. “Dudes who drink white wine. Dudes who think organic deodorant works.” – Laurel

8. “Someone who can’t argue. If he’s angry or sulky or puts me down when he’s upset, there’s no coming back from that. I’m out.” – Chrissy

9. “A goatee. I dated a warlock once. He also had an altar. Talk about not being able to get out of that fast enough. I’d be way cooler if he’d just been growing pot in his closet, not hiding HIS WAND. He also had a goatee- SEE?!” – Trista

10. “Three musicians ago I said ‘No more musicians.’ And now I’m dating a musician. So no more actors. That one I will stand by. No men who take selfies.” – Hannah

11. “Adult men who wear Abercrombie/American Eagle, guys who can’t remember the last book they read or say, ‘I don’t really have time to read.’ Guys who are really into Lady Gaga. Guys with any sort of piercing. Guys who pick a shitty place to meet for a date. Gosh, I could go on forever.” – Jeff

12. “Talking down to me – I had a boy get mad at me for how I spent my money.” – Samantha

13. “Guys with Minnesota tattoos. Anyone who gives me shit for liking the Kardashians. Boys who say they don’t like country music. I always say no smokers but end up dating smokers.” – me

14. “[Someone who] doesn’t get along with my friends/is jealous of my lady friends. If we don’t make each other laugh like fucking idiots. Vanilla sex. Too introverted – I already am, so I need balance. [Someone who] stalks my social media.” – Jason

15. “You can’t be on Grindr. You fish for compliments. You’re obsessed with social media. You judge PDA and refuse to do it.” – Kevin

16. “I broke up with a guy because he thought Japan was a village in China. I broke up with another guy because ‘A Knight’s Tale’ was his favorite movie.” – Caitlin

17. “My most recent boyfriend thought women got the vote in the ‘60s. This contributed to my belief that I was too good for him.” – Kate Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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