15 Ways To Get Selfie-Ready In Under A Minute

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It’s a New Year, so we’re all on the “I’m gonna be better” tip. I used to think resolutions were for chumps, but now I’m kind of into focusing on stopping my bad habits and working on starting good ones. That said, I’m not great at making giant changes right away and sticking to them. I prefer to make adjustments little by little. So if you’re trying to make a change in your life and you want to do it turtle-style, I’m here for you. I’ll be contributing a little series of ways to be healthier/happier/”greener” and so forth in under five minutes, so these changes won’t consume your entire life.

As long as we have Instagram, selfies are here to stay. How can you make your selfie 100% hotter in under two minutes?

1. Curl your lashes. You’ll look more awake and alert, as well as pretty darn flirty.

2. Know your good side. Which part of your profile is most photogenic? Play around with angles and mirror images to see which side you look best from.

3. Glow. Use luminizer on your upper cheekbones and down your nose so you look glowy and sunkissed, just like a Kardashian. It’s very, very minor contouring.

4. Don’t over-filter yourself. Everyone can tell, I promise. That said, sometimes it’s fun to do ALL THE FILTERS on your selfie.

5. Blue-based lip colors make your teeth look whiter. Try MAC Red or Girl About Town for red and pink options.

6. Duckface isn’t cute. Learn how to “smize,” as Tyra says, or give a big, genuine smile for the camera.

7. Long hair? Pull it all forward so you look extra sexy.

8. Don’t selfie right away in the AM. I don’t care if you #wokeuplikethis. You’re probably puffy.

9. Instagram brows look great on Instagram, but not in real life. Those overly drawn-on brows are scary. Tint your brows, but don’t make them look cartoonish.

10. Selfie-snapping without blush? Pinch your cheeks for a natural flush. Laura Ingalls did it and so should you.

11. A “no makeup” selfie should at least contain concealer, mascara and a subtle lip color. I know you were faking it anyway. No shame, girl. If you’re bragging about wearing no makeup, I’m pretty sure you’re wearing at least vie products. Darkened lashes are key, as is a hint of color on your lips. This way, you can filter to your heart’s content without looking like a corpse.

12. Natural light is best. Pose near a window if you can, or out in direct sunlight. Those dark front-facing selfies aren’t cute. They’re just fuzzy,

13. Crop out your selfie arm, goddammit. It’s soooo Myspace.

14. Have a glass or two of wine. It’ll loosen you up and you won’t look so wooden if you’re new to the selfie game.

15. When in doubt, grab a friend. They’ll make you feel more comfortable, and who doesn’t take an adorable photo when they’re having fun with someone they love? No one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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