10 New Year’s Eve Don’ts From A NYE Veteran

Anders Adermark
Anders Adermark

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, which isn’t my favorite holiday because there’s so much pressure to have a good time. Now that I’m (kind of) old, I usually skip the crazy parties and stay in. I’ve learned my lessons when it comes to New Year’s Eve, and in case you haven’t, I’m here to help.

1. DON’T plan to party hop unless your parties are within walking distance. Getting a cab/Uber/Lyft on NYE is nearly impossible, and driving while you’re celebrating is a no-no. Stay in one place, or in a concentrated area where there are a few bars you could stop by. And if you’re going to drive, make sure you have a designated driver. There are tons of cops out and about on New Year’s Eve, and no party is worth getting a DUI.

2. DON’T go somewhere with a $50 cover unless you know for sure it’s going to be a great time, or if there’s an open bar. That’s a ton of money to spend just to get into a venue!

3. DON’T try to exit a parking garage at 11:30 PM. You will not make it out before midnight. Trust me on this one; a friend of mine got stuck in a parking garage on NYE for TWO HOURS.

4. DON’T drink so much that you pass out before midnight! It can be tempting to go nuts on The Biggest Party Night Ever, but pace yourself! You won’t be as hungover the next day if you slow down a little.

5. DON’T be afraid to stay in! NYE can be really fun with a handful of friends, some chips and dips and a movie or two. Or hang out with your family and play games. Sometimes the chillest nights are the most fun and memorable.

6. DON’T put so much pressure on making the night fun. The thing I dislike about New Year’s Eve is that constant pressure to have the Best Night Ever. I’ve had a few great New Year’s Eves, but for the most part, they always fall short of my expectations. I’ve learned to treat it just like any other night.

7. DON’T wear a fully sequined dress if you’re going to be dancing all night. It WILL chafe your arms. Seriously, protect your armpits with an extra coat of deodorant. You’ll thank me in the morning.

8. DON’T pin all your hopes on a kiss from someone you have a crush on. Don’t expect that boy to come rushing to your side at midnight. It’s so disappointing not to get the kiss you want at midnight, I know. But in the long run, it’s just a kiss. It’s really not setting the whole new year up for failure, I promise.

9. DON’T wear a complicated outfit. You’ll be drinking, therefore you’ll be peeing. Don’t wear that jumpsuit you have to wear double-sided tape with. You look fabulous, duh, but you’re going to curse yourself when you’re peeling it off all night long.

10. DON’T do shots of Rumpleminz. Just say no. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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