27 Ways To Thrive This Winter (Even Though It Sucks Outside)


It’s winter in Minnesota already! Great. Awesome. I really love winter. NOT. And so, in effort to not be a cranky slug for the next four or five months (God willing), I’ve compiled 27 things I’m going to do to combat the winter crazies. I don’t have a TV, so I need to get creative. Add yours below!

1. Take long, luxurious baths full of oils and potions. I like Aveda composition oils mixed with Vitamin E oil for super soft skin. Keep the phone in another room.

2. Get really into exercise. OK, this is an ambitious idea. But considering that the cold makes me want to die, it’s not like I’m tromping around the outdoors to get my exercise in the winter months. So, I’m gonna get really into exercise, whether that’s at-home yoga with Adriene or hauling my lazy ass to my friend’s barre class. Let’s be honest – I could use a little toning up.

3. Wear really naughty/pretty lingerie under all my dumpy winter layers. This at least makes me feel somewhat alive when I’ve been wearing the same three pairs of black leggings for months on end.

4. Take the time to write something – anything- every single day. My goal for the winter is to put out a piece of writing every day, to prioritize my writing. Doing something creative keeps your mind from going nuts.

5. Read a book (or two) a week.

6. Rewatch all of “Gossip Girl” on Netflix. I’m halfway through Season Two already.

7. Finally track down the big Penny Lane fur hat of my dreams. What? This is a worthwhile winter investment and treasure hunt in one!

8. Take a tech detox. I want to spend one whole day of the winter not looking at my phone or computer. Ambitious, I know. But really, the only person who’ll be affected by this is my mom.

9. Spend time with my friends who have babies. Babies are the best in the winter because they just wanna be cuddled, and I’m down with that. Plus, babies are cute.

10. Learn how to cook. I want to be a good cook because, as you know, my ultimate goal is to marry a Southern boy (Democrat, please) and have a whole mess of children to feed who call me “Momma.” I think learning how to make a killer gravy is step one, right?

11. In relation, host Sunday suppers for my nearest and dearest.

12. Befriend someone with a hot tub and/or sauna. What? Can you blame me?

13. Make an effort to go out and be social even when I’m really not feeling it. I always have a good time once I force myself to go.

14. Attempt to get through one really huge classic novel, like “Anna Karenina” or even “Wuthering Heights.” I’ve tried before, but winter is a good time to focus.

15. Make new outfits from everything in my closet. Call in friends to help.

16. Redecorate and rearrange my apartment.

17. Take a weekend trip with a few of my girlfriends to all the thrift stores within a 300-mile radius.

18. Buy really luxurious bedding. I’m not going to lie about where most of my winter hours will be spent.

19. Go dancing.

20. Visit friends in other cities, from Chicago to Los Angeles to NYC. A change of pace is always good, even if those other cities are currently experiencing winter too. Might as well see how they get through it.

21. Take a real vacation to somewhere warm. I’m doing it this year. I will not fold. I’m socking away money to get the hell out of here in the coldest part of February. Or January. Or both.

22. Have spa days with my girlfriends. Invite them all over, make mimosas, paint our nails and listen to Taylor Swift. Really girly shit.

23. Throw lots of little parties. I love throwing parties, so this winter I want to do that more often. Just having my different friend groups around me and watching them get to know each other is so fun.

24. Eat donuts. Gotta treat myself to keep from losing my mind, right? One cannot live on green juices alone.

25. Watch every classic movie that I haven’t already seen on Netflix. Learn why they’re considered classics.

26. Wear gowns around the house just for fun. My collection of thrift-store gowns are pretty on their own, but they’re even better for a pick-me-up in the dead of winter.

27. Try to go outside and enjoy the days that aren’t -10 or lower. I do like the winter when the sun is out and the snow is big and fluffy, and I grew up sledding and snowmobiling. I have it in me. I can do this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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