17 Reasons Shania Twain Is The Coolest Woman Ever


You know who’s the coolest, most beautiful, most wonderful woman in the world? It’s Shania Twain.

1. She’s ageless. Shania looks almost exactly the same as she did when she shot to stardom in the ‘90s.

2. She’s a fighter. She had a rough childhood, then went through a messy divorce until she emerged happily married to her ex-best friend’s husband. Shania even literally lost her voice to dysphonia for a period of time, but don’t worry – it wasn’t permanent.

3. According to scientists at the University of Toronto and University of California San Diego, Shania has the Perfect Face. Based on the “golden ratio,” her facial measurements are perfect.

4. It’s impossible to be sad when you’re blasting her greatest hits album. Just try to be bummed when “Any Man of Mine” is blaring through your speakers. You can’t.

5. She’s an expert pitchwoman. She modeled for Revlon and Candies, raised money for America’s Second Harvest by partnering with Febreze and even released two scents with Coty.

6. She’s so cool Oprah gave her a TV show “Why Not? With Shania Twain” on the OWN Network.

7. How many iconic Shania video looks can you list? There’s the full-body leopard suit from “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” the Robert Palmer sendoff in “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” …the list never ends. These looks are referenced in her Vegas show.

8. How many weddings have played “From this Moment” and “You’re Still the One” during the ceremony? I can count at least three that I personally attended in the early 2000s. Oh, the romance.

9. She’s sold over 85 million albums, has three Grammys and is the only female artist to have three albums consecutively certified as “diamond” status.

10. SHE BRINGS A HORSE ONSTAGE WITH HER at her Vegas residency, “Still the One.” I mean, really. Shania in a gown with a horse is the most beautiful thing Las Vegas will ever see.

11. Shania was one of the pioneers of the “pop country” movement. Her songs had crossover appeal on both pop and country radio, adding to her fame. Without Shania, Taylor Swift might not exist.

12. Shania’s songs are about things real women go through: bad days at work, PMS, last year’s dresses that don’t fit, long-lasting relationships. “Honey I’m Home” presents Shania as the clear breadwinner in her marriage.

13. Everyone wanted to be Shania’s duet partner. She teamed up with ‘90s idol Bryan Adams, as well as Billy Currington and Mark McGrath, among others. Her duet of “Endless Love” with Lionel Richie is my secret favorite to play when I know I’m 100% alone in my house.

14. When you’re in a pinch at karaoke, a Shania song always brings down the house. People love her. There’s a Shania song to please everyone, from “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” for the bachelorettes to “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” for that grizzled older man at the bar.

15. Her Vegas show featured “subliminal scents” to waft through Caesar’s Palace during the 90-minute show, from her own perfume to a campfire scent. I bet Elton John doesn’t do that.

16. When she’s not performing, she lives a quiet life in Switzerland.

17. She wore a leopard print catsuit with a hood in the desert. That’s the coolest thing anyone can ever do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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