It’s Expensive To Be A Woman


Now, before you go and holler at me in the comments that the expense is my own doing, I like grooming. I like getting up, putting on makeup and figuring out who I’m going to be for the day. I work a full-time job and freelance on the side, so it’s not like I’m spending someone else’s money. The expense is simply something mildly annoying that comes along with an experience I enjoy, so I’m ok with it. I’m old-fashioned; I enjoy being a girl, just like the song says.

However, every so often I total up what I’m spending on my routine and give myself pause.

First off, there’s the hair. I have that dreaded mousy, ashy blonde shade prevalent in Minnesotans and I hate it. It’s not flattering and there’s nothing redeeming about it. So I bleach it. I can bleach my own roots now, but I prefer not to. A bleach and tone at a salon costs $100+, though having a stylist friend do it in her kitchen cuts the cost to about $60 if I provide the necessary supplies. I can live with that every two months. It’s even better when my fancy salon asks me to be a hair model, cause then it’s practically free!

I get occasional blowouts to battle my ridiculous wavy hair texture at $35 a pop, with tip. I stretch these almost two weeks, though, so I think it’s worth it. Also valuable before important events, like vacations and weddings and interviews. Plus, good hair equals good vibes.

I get my nails done every two weeks or so. I have acrylics, so I have to get them filled. I write this off because a) I’d be spending $8 on press-ons that only last five days and fall off and b) the nail salon is a place where I put my phone away and zone out and think about nothing. Plus, my fake nails withstand the demands of my jobs and look perfect the whole time. I LOVE them and consider this one of my best beauty investments. When I meet someone new, one of the first things I look at is their nails. If their nails are a mess, I assume they’re a mess as well. Well-maintained nails and toes convey good things.

I’ve been getting Brazilian waxes for almost five years, which means I barely grow any hair anymore and my appointment takes about four minutes. Fancy spas and salons charge $60-75 for these, but I get mine for $35. Maybe it doesn’t come with a relaxing massage or aromatherapy or anything that my vagina does not care about, but it gets the job done. My vagina does not need a soothing aloe mask or some shit like that. But it does need a wax about every 8 weeks, because otherwise I get weirdo patches that are NOT aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking of vaginas, can we talk about tampons? WTF. Can someone tell me why a box of tampons generally costs about $8? I can’t even find the cheap cardboard Target brand I used to buy, which were marginally cheaper, so now I’m buying the super plasticky, sometimes-fragranced Tampax with a “discreet wrapper.” I am baffled by this. Who cares if you rip open a tampon in the women’s restroom? Literally every woman has/will have/has had a period in her life. I don’t know why you’d be ashamed that the wrapper makes noise. I cannot wrap my brain around using a Diva Cup, but for those of you who like them, I respect you. I know I could be more cost-effective with my menstruation, but even typing that sentence made me laugh. The idea of rinsing all the blood I spew during that five-day cycle in my bathroom sink freaks me out, plain and simple. Tampons are getting kind of ridiculously expensive, though, so I might change my tune once a box hits $10.

Then there’s things like gym memberships (LOL, nope! I had one for two months and went twice) and products for face and hair. The perks of being a beauty writer is that you eventually start getting things for free, but I still don’t mind buying products. I actually love it. A good stroll through the beauty aisles at Walgreen’s or a Sephora stop is calming for me. Plus, if you’re a smart spender you’ll get rewards for your purchases through loyalty programs.

After all, you gotta spend some to get some, you know. TC mark


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  • workmancer

    I never really spend anything on myself. All of my clothes are just old. My girlfriend however can spend $150 at 50% off sales that seem to happen every weekend at different stores. If it weren’t for my girlfriend I’d never go out. I’m a fantastic cook, yet she just always wants to eat out. Seems like every weekend I spend $100 just on dinners out when I’m happy living off spaghetti.

    She can spend an hour on her hair and 30 minutes on her makeup. Not to mention even more time picking out her outfits.

    She manages to spend $80 at Bath & Bodyworks every month and literally has a closet half full of the stuff she’ll never use. I would take a photo, but that would be silly.

    Her hair costs $70+ every 2 months and to be honest. Its not just her. Its my cousins, other women that I’ve dated. They just all spend so much money and end up broke. Its sad.

    I feel like dating drags me down financially. I end up paying for everything that they can’t. Women have wondered why I don’t want to travel. I do want to travel, but not when I end up getting stuck with every bill. Quite a few exes have told me for vacations ‘I’ll write you a check,’ and it never happens. Instead I sound like a jerk telling people nope I don’t want to travel with you. I never explain the reason that women spend money like water.

    Actually, I’ll be bluntly honest here when I can’t ever be honest outside of someone’s random blog that I read. I feel that I don’t ever want to get married, due to the financial vacuum that women seem to be at least with me. Sure its not every woman and I try to tell people that the easiest way to save money is not to spend any.

    I know for tampons and stuff are a must. Everything else seems like a needless frill.

    Sorry to vent on your blog, but all of this stuff has been building inside me. I’m just not honest with people and I keep it inside.

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