7 Ways To Transition Into Soft, Summer Skin




Now let’s all get naked!

Well, almost. As soon as it starts getting warmer, I am peeling off as many layers as is decent and exposing a ton of skin. I live for sundresses, bikinis, cutoff shorts and sandals.

That being said, you know you can’t be out and about in your cute summer clothes with dry, pasty, scaly winter skin. Noooo way. Here’s how to get your softest skin ever.

1. Exfoliate. A lot. Often. Two or three times a week is what you should aim for. I don’t care what you use to exfoliate; maybe you buy the fancy Kiehl’s stuff like I do, or get the Suave version for $3 at Walmart, or make your own scrub with some olive oil and sugar. Anything with a little grit works just fine. Exfoliating regularly gets rid of all that gross dead skin you’ve been collecting under your winter layers and makes your skin feel way softer. I always exfoliate hardcore before I shave my legs, get a Brazilian wax or have a spray tan.

2. Soak. I know that long, hot baths actually dry your skin out, but they’re my favorite thing in the entire world so I don’t care. I add copious amounts of oil to my bath concoction; Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil is my favorite, because it’s incredibly cheap, super-moisturizing and also, with repeated use, helps fade scars and various blemishes on your skin. I often bring my jar of coconut oil in the tub with me and let it liquefy in the water as I bathe. Once it’s liquid, I dribble a little in the water and use the rest as moisturizer on my damp skin.

3. Shave. If you want the closest, smoothest shave, hang out in the steamy shower for a few minutes to soften up the hair. I hope you exfoliated beforehand! Use a fresh razor for best results. Shaving cream is preferred (and fun!) but hair conditioner works well in a pinch. Don’t rush, don’t jerk and definitely don’t let the razor make that raspy noise on too-dry skin!

4. Once you’re out of the bath/shower, just pat your skin dry gently and immediately moisturize. I swear by Am-Lactin moisturizer for my keratosis pilaris (those pesky red bumps on your arms); its alpha-hydroxy acids will make them disappear insanely fast. (It stings a bit on freshly-shaved skin, FYI.) Any good, thick lotion will do. Lately, I’ve been using Mustela’s fancy French baby lotion, which is kind of crazy expensive at $15 a bottle but gives my skin a sexy sheen, long-lasting moisture and a sweet neroli scent that hangs around all day. Those French bebes are so lucky.

5. Don’t neglect your feet! Fill up the tub a bit with warm water and add a little bubble bath or liquid soap to the water. Soak for a few minutes and then attack your (probably) dry, nasty heels with a pumice stone. The best one I’ve ever used is Mr. Pumice, which is hardcore in its mission to rid your feet of any dry patches.

6. Oil up. I looooooove to use oil in the summer. It makes your skin reflect light and that’s super sexy. My favorites are Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel, Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil and plain old (extra-virgin, cold/expeller-pressed) coconut oil.

7. Soak it in. Every week or so, coat yourself in thick body lotion or oil, pull on some leggings and a long-sleeved shirt. Do the same to your feet; the old Vaseline and thick socks feels so gross overnight, but when you wake up and peel off those lotiony layers your skin will feel amazing! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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