You Should Dye Your Hair Pink

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I was in a rut. The cold weather, the dark skies at 5:30 PM, my boring job, an expensive car repair … all of it was weighing on me. When I feel this way, I like to liven up my life with pretty things: new lipsticks, vintage dresses from Etsy, cheap books, sparkly nail polish, new lacy lingerie, treasures from the thrift store. Beautiful things keep me grounded.

This time, though, I dyed my platinum blonde hair pink.

Tinted it pink, rather – I just mix a little bit of pastel pink dye into my conditioner and let it sit for a half hour. When it’s rinsed out, I emerge from the bathroom with cotton candy pink hair.

I inherited the pink from a girlfriend. We all need a pink-haired friend in our circle. She was ready to let it go and I was the one who needed it the most. Having pink hair is awesome.

Pink hair makes you feel like a storybook princess, like a My Little Pony, like a fairy. It makes you feel like Marilyn Monroe on acid, like a piece of candy, like a unicorn.

Pink hair delights old ladies and little children, the two greatest groups of people as far as I’m concerned.

Pink hair is a little bit trashy, a little bit rock & roll. Pink hair gives people the impression that you stay out all night, that you’re having all the fun they’re not experiencing. Pink hair makes people think you’re more fabulous than you are.

Pink hair requires champagne.

Pink hair is the kind of girl who leaves lipstick stains on the rim of every glass.

Pink hair is for Las Vegas at night, when the dark covers the ugliness of raw day in glitter and lights. Pink hair is for California. Pink hair is for driving with the windows down, your eyes hidden by a pair of cat-eye sunglasses.

Pink hair pairs well with sequins, with something black and backless, with that sparkly shiny pink Revlon lip gloss you’d never wear otherwise. Pink hair allows you to get a little crazy with your wardrobe, because why not? You’ve already got pink hair.

Pink hair gives you courage, an extra spring in your step. Pink hair has balls. Pink hair is lighter and flirtier than its friends; blue can be too heavy, green too murky, red and orange too loud. Pink speaks a little softer; her voice is fluttery as her eyelashes.

Pink hair is a little bit grungy, a little bit glamorous. It’s mermaid hair. It’s State Fair at night hair. It’s Hollywood hair. It’s neon signs and palm trees hair. It’s circus performer hair. It’s cartoon character hair. It’s Frenchie in “Grease,” beauty school dropout hair.

Pink hair brightens up every day. Even when you wake up feeling ugly as hell, you look in the mirror and remind yourself, “I have pink hair! Nothing can be that bad with a head full of roses.”

Bubblegum, rose, cotton candy, neon, baby, flamingo – even the words to describe each shade are wonderful!

Pink hair is not for wallflowers. Pink hair likes attention. Pink hair enchants strangers.

Pink hair is dream hair.

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