25 Little Pieces Of Life Advice Every 20-Something Girl Needs To Hear Right Now


1. You will actually miss nap time when you’re older. Milk it.

2. Your parents are your biggest supporters. Treat time with them like the treasure it is.

3. Quit wishing for happiness, create it.

4. Every second you spend wondering what someone else is thinking is a second lost.

5. Next time your mom cooks dinner, let her show you how.

6.  Just stop trying to sneak out- you get caught every time.

7. The more you chase boys, the more they elude you.

8. It will take a LOT of failed attempts before you find your way, don’t worry.

9. Sometimes your accomplishments will not make other people happy.

10. Crush those goals, anyway!

11. Remember when your brother bit his nails? Don’t try it. You won’t be able to stop.

12. Never, ever stop writing.

13. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Learn to let them go.

14. Hot Pockets are not dinner. Neither are Reese’s Cups. (See #5.)

15. Start and keep a journal. Take pictures. Your memory is terrible.

16. Drinking isn’t always fun.

17. Those things you hate: taxes, bills, insurance? They’re frustrating, but important.

18. Learn to love yourself before you give so much love away to the wrong people.

19. Someone is always prettier/smarter/luckier. Stop comparing, you still have things they don’t.

20. Friendships ending can hurt worse than breakups. Despite everything, you’re worthy of the best love.

21. Take that damn trip!

22. Stop spending so much money on stupid shit. Seriously.

23. Start running. It will teach you more mentally & physically than you could ever know.

24. You are never too young or too old to change your life. Do what your heart wants.

25. You’re going to be just fine. Laugh it off or learn from it- it’s all going to be okay. TC mark


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