What A (Lonely) Single Girl Is Really Thinking

Khánh Hmoong
Khánh Hmoong

Sometimes, being single can be a good thing – you focus on your interests or career, learn to love and be yourself and fully independent. But what happens when that girl has done that and is ready for someone to love and love her back – yet that never happens? The world isn’t fair, nor is it perfect but that’s just how life is. For those who are happy being single or in loving relationships, before you judge that single girl for what she appears to be like on the outside – know that these are the thoughts that she will think of constantly – yet never tell.

1. She may be genuinely happy for her friends becoming engaged or married; however, that also serves to remind her she is still alone and the things that she is missing out on.

2. As cheesy as it sounds, being called “babe” or “love” will melt her heart. She’s likely never had anyone call her that (not in a drunken across the dance floor at a club thing). She may have a hard time calling those names back as those are words way beyond what she is familiar with.

3. If she’s hooking up in the meantime, she may truly love sex – but she also craves that feeling of being wanted both physically and emotionally – even if it is temporary. As soon as he leaves, she will be reminded all over again that she is alone once more.

4. She may appear like she has her life set – graduated or attending a prestigious university, working full time at a decent job, well travelled with impeccable manners and physically attractive. Yet those things do not guarantee a relationship. Guys may just see her as a “trophy” – not girlfriend material.

5. She will begin to wonder what’s wrong with her. Why all those other girls – including the previous girlfriend(s) of all the guys – have something that allows them to be “girlfriend material”.

6. The phrases “not looking to date”, “don’t believe in love” or “don’t need a guy” may be what you are hearing vocally. But it’s because she’s being strong – inside her mind, she is wishing someone would show her love DOES exist. That someone who will break down those walls she’s built and remind her that she is only human and deserves to feel intimate affection.

7. She may joke around about being a “cat lady with 50 cats” and her friends might laugh and call her ridiculous – but deep inside, she knows it is a real possibility.

8. She wants someone to just listen to her – and try to understand. This is especially difficult if she has friends in relationships, as they will never truly be able to sympathize beyond a simple “you’ll find someone”.

9. Those nights where she is sleeping alone and feeling more lonely than usual, she wishes there was a guy to wrap his arms around her, kiss her hair and pull her in close to him during the night.

10. There’s a reason she has sworn off romantic movies. Hint: It’s not because she hates the actresses.

11. She may say Valentine’s Day is an overrated, commercialized event for companies to make money (which it sort of is these days); however, what she really means is, she’s bitter because she wants someone to spend that day with, someone to bring her flowers or chocolate or a teddy bear (no matter how cheesy it sounds). At least experience that just once.

12. She will never be able to fully sympathize with those who have broken up with their partner.

13. She may be there for support, but she will also be thinking – at least at one point, they were loved.

14. Last but not least, the worst phrase she can hear is “there is someone out there for everyone” – she knows many older females (or males) who are still alone, who never find “that one” – and it could very well possibly be her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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