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My Fantasy Draft For A Film Adaptation Of LYSISTRATA

It would open with two girls lounging. One girl looks like Lorde, like Malala Yousafzai but Lorde, definitely hot, no makeup. She’s like “Eff the war, eff the economy, everything sucks, guys are stupid. We need to wage war on males by not effing them.”

Update On Kara

My neck, in particular, it feels like muscles are squeezing together, I’ve been stopping to stretch like a snake.

Greening Out On The Bus

Claire laughed both at the idea of someone earnestly identifying as a witch, and then at the suggested relationship between “kitten stickers” and “witches.”

Are You In LOOOOOVE With Your Computer?

I thought, “Should I empty out my backpack onto the floor right now in this crowded room full of people, cover my MacBook Air in plastic, put everything back in my bag, and bike home?” Then, because I am stupid I thought, “Nahhh.”

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