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How To Have Fun At A Party

People like to have parties to celebrate good things that happen to them in their lives, or sometimes they just have parties because they feel like hosting a social gathering. Sometimes parties evolve autonomously.

How To Sit On A Chair

I don’t remember when I learned to sit in a chair, per say. My spine was probably strong enough to hold up my weight when I was eight months old. I have a lot of experience sitting on chairs.

How To Play Go

He said there are many similarities between Go and organic chemistry. I didn’t really know what he meant– about bonds trying to be stable. I guessed there were some mathematical rules, evident in nature, which were far beyond my comprehension.

An Example of Self Control

I stood there paused, meditative, alone, wondering about the people who fantasize about killing themselves so much that they actually apply pressure to the trigger.

Phenomenalism Explained

I understood the impulse of young men; to spread their seed and leave, and I accepted this with curious passivity, assuming that I too wanted nothing more.

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