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5 Ridiculous Fashion Innovations From ‘Jackass’

Beyond all of the silly stunts, and barfing, and shitting, at the core of jackass, there is true aesthetic genius. Those boys become living sculptures- their beauty as wild, and uninhibited as the sea- whether they’re simultaneously being stung by hundreds of bees, or literally wearing fire, this kind of brilliance can only come from reckless abandon. Let jackass be a lesson to us all.

If I Could Meet Aristotle

“Aristotle,” I would say. “Aristotle,” and I would gently grab onto his arm and lead him out the backdoor exit, pursing my lips through an index finger.

What’s Up With Eggs?

When I think of a chicken I think about the weirdness of the neck movements, and the croaking sounds that they make in a yard with each other. They are reptiles with feather coats and awful beaks. They are soul-less. I both love and hate chickens.

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