10 Reasons Why Gaming Is Sexist


1. Historically, males like to hunt. Males like to mimic hunting, all kinds of hunting, including the hunting of war opponents, zombies, ducks, prostitutes, etc.

2. Herstorically, females are ~just kidding~ herstorially is not a word.

2. 2. Hysterically, females need to recover from decades of systemic oppression :-]

3. Humans have more sex hormones on the retina than on any other part of the body besides the testes/ovaries. Video games are mainly experienced through the eyeballs.

4. 4% of the main characters in the top 25 selling videogames of 2013 were female so…

5. Transsexual individuals undergoing hormone therapy show changes in the way they perceive depth.

6. Males generally delineate objects through motion parallax, while females tend to use shape-from-shading. Motion parallax = judging an object’s size in reference to linear depth of field. Shape-from-shading = constant recalculation of object’s light information.

7. 3D immersive environments replicate motion parallax by calculating the linear matrix transformation based on an agent’s position in the scene, which is apparently easy for developers.

8. Shape-from-shading, or photometric stereo, is more complicated to replicate than motion parallax for some reason.

9. Nature made distinctive sexual differences in homo sapiens.

10. There are more male engineers, scientists, and influential decision-makers in the world than female. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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