An Argument That Literally Just Happened With My Roommate, But Backwards


If you want to read this as an organic mimicry of what happened, start from the bottom and scroll up.


A: That’s how language works!

K: YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE! You’re an asshole. You’re an asshole.

A: No! But that’s why-

K: (I raise my hands with a gestural shrug)

A: Right now.

K: Right now.

A: You are right in that I understand your meaning.

K: So wouldn’t that mean that I’m right?

A: I’m not saying that mathematics isn’t important.

K: OH REALLY? So what are you proving?

A: There’s a para-phrasic dialectic problem.

K: That’s what I mean, you just want to argue.

A: There’s another side to the language, the meaning.

K: So then why aren’t you?

A: I’m not saying I wouldn’t benefit from studying science and math.

K: All I was trying to say is that you should study science and math.

A: No, I don’t think you understand my point.

K: You just argue for the sake of arguing.

A: That is what I want. But I want other things too.

K: It sounds like all you care about is being a celebrity. You want everyone to think you’re a genius, standing on the stage of the cultural world.

A: I want to write a theory, an idea.

K: If it’s not for the general public then who is it for?

A: No, it’s not just for the general public. But they could learn it if they wanted to.

K: Oh, so it’s for the general public?

A: Not for scientists.

K: Like as a guide for scientists?

A: But I am studying neuroscience, it’s just linguistics.

K: This argument started because I suggested you study computational neuroscience and you rejected its value.

A: I’m listening.

K: You don’t listen to what I’m saying.

A: No, you just haven’t proved your point yet.

K: You just want to argue. You have a hard time admitting that I’m right.

A: We’re not communicating properly.

K: It doesn’t feel like we’re communicating properly.

A: Okay.

K: I’m feeling a lot of animosity towards you and I don’t like how that feels.

(I went into my room, sat at my desk for a second, walked back.)

K: I’m not doing this. I’M NOT DOING THIS.

A: I am trying to win.

K: I don’t like arguing. We’re just playing a game and you’re trying to win.

A: Yeah, this is why we’re discussing, so I’m figuring out how to build it.

K: So this is an argument.

A: That is the point that I’m leading you into.

K: So there’s a separate framework missing from the meaning?

A: There’s a dimension of objects and lineages but it’s sitting on top of meaning over here, but what is this? What is the replication-.


A: I am. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

K: So why wouldn’t you pursue that? That’s great.

K: If it is rooted in history then it is rooted in humans then it its neuroscience.

A: No, it does have a root, it’s just regimented in history.

K: So it’s metaphysical? It doesn’t have any root? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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