I Will Wait For A Love I Deserve

It all starts with a hunting of heart for him, with promises, pampering, and understanding, uplifting us or comforting us on our sad days. Till, we accept them as life partners and then all that is left is saving ourselves.

It all started with a beautiful fairy tale imagination, lots of love, and lots of calls till we reach a day that those receiving calls turn into waiting and hoping for even our phone to ring with their name blinking on it.  It starts with little joke here and there, little compliments, that little concern after that stupid irritating conversation. It starts with making us feel better, making sure we are okay and trying to make up when they missed on something till even our existence has no meaning left in their life. Even an open demand of love make us labelled as “immature”, even a request for their time makes us labelled as “demanding” till everything we say or do is nothing but irrational.

I didn’t wish upon diamonds but just a little pampering from you after all once you did treat me like your baby. So, here is what I want to say to the love I deserve.

I deserve to wake up to the love through words, kisses or hugs. I deserve to be gifted with little surprises with a small message of you thinking about us or a 3-minute call for just hearing my voice.

I deserve at least 5 minutes of your day no matter how busy you have been. I deserve a little shift in your routine as you are not single any more. I deserve to be reminded that I am your queen and I am important. I deserve to be uplifted when I can’t keep up through my daily struggles. I deserve the respect that being a girl, I am not only making my career and living my life but walking alongside so many people including my family and friends. I deserve to be given the right to be human and be hurt at times.

I deserve to feel that you deserve me, I deserve to feel that you value me or I will remind myself that I deserve better and rest will be a history. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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