This Is The Kind Of Guy I Plan To Spend Forever With

Tom Pumford

You have to love me even at the times when I don’t love myself.

You have to be patient with me sometimes I’m stubborn and cranky.

You have to cuddle with me during thunderstorms.

You are going to have to help me because there are going to be times when I’m going to feel lost.

You have to love dogs unconditionally.

When I struggle with my problems,  please go through it with me so I will know that I am loved and someone cares as much for me to struggle with me

Apologize and say you’re sorry when you’re wrong.

Appreciate my cooking because I know at times it won’t be good.

At nigh,  let’s go outside and gaze up at the stars.

Be there for me as much as you can.

Read the Bible with me.

Reassure me that I am loved every day.

Respect and be patient with my anxiety and all of my fears.

Let’s travel the world together and fall deeply in love while doing it.

Let’s go crazy together when we are riding in the car together and our favorite song comes on the radio.

Let’s have picnic lunches in the grass.

Let’s play board games when we are bored.

Love me unconditionally.

Teach our kids the right way to live life–that’s if we decide to have any.

Take long walks through the forest with me.

Meditate with me.

Laugh with me as.

Also cry with me.

Hug and kiss me passionately.

You have to promise me that when times get rough, because they will, that you won’t give up on us.

Love, let’s grow old together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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