That 2 AM Lonely And Missing You

I still get into my feels about you, when I’ve had a few glasses of wine and I’m alone at 2 AM.

I still get into my feels about you when I’m drinking red wine in a room full of strangers in a far away city.

Do you ever get into your feels about me after a few drinks of whatever poison you picked up that night?

Alone or in a room full of strangers?

I always had you at 2 AM, when the lonely stirred up inside me.

You always had me at 6 am after a long night.

2 AM passes and the lonely goes with it. You make me insane but I like it.

We kind of liked messing with each other’s minds. We kinda liked giving each other a high followed by a comedown headache. We kind of liked appearing and disappearing.

We really would get off on the silent treatment, we liked pouring gasoline on us and watching each other burn. We kinda liked the games we played, they became our addiction, the drug of a lifetime.

I’d rather feel the pain of you than the love of someone else. We’re only deep when we’re both drunk. Deep in feelings and emotions but then 2 AM passed and those go with it. I could blame you and you could blame me but let’s blame us.

I miss our games, the feeling of missing you starts in my stomach and moves to my heart there’s physical pain and that’s what they call addiction. I don’t want you, but I don’t want anyone else to have you either, that’s what they call selfish. I miss burning each other up, but just when I think about picking up the phone to call you 2 AM passes and the lonely goes with it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

A fine rare mess.

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