A Reminder To Let Yourself Feel Every Single Beautiful Feeling

A smiling woman in a hat and glasses shades her eyes aside a blue, rocky stream
Allef Vinicius / Unsplash

I believe it easier to understand another’s feelings and take them on as our own and to find strength in that connection with another person.

I find it harder to understand those pestering feelings we call our own. What do we do about those dreadful suckers?

Here’s what I say: Let yourself feel every single one of them.

Let yourself feel all of it: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly that we’re usually too ashamed to admit we have.

I’ve spent many years repressing feelings and emotions and memories out of fear, guilt, embarrassment. The only thing it made me was small. It made me feel small. Act small. Love small. It took away my human connection. I couldn’t understand the world happening around me when I couldn’t understand the world happening inside me. And there is a world in there. An entire world full of dark, scary corners and bright, shiny places with feelings lurking in each and every crevice.

I know it’s hard to feel them. I know it feels easier to ignore them. But think about what you’re missing by not feeling them. You’re missing your entire world. You’re hiding away from all of these moments and things that make up who you are.

I’ll say it again, feelings don’t make you weak, they make you strong.

They make up our strings of compassion and those strings intertwine into the connections we love so much, those connections we need so much.

Here’s the biggest secret of all: All those feelings, they don’t need to make sense. You don’t need to understand them. You definitely don’t need to fix them or change them. You just need to acknowledge and accept that they are there and they are real. Sometimes the greatest healing comes simply from letting something be.

Let yourself feel and try not to be afraid of what comes up in the process. TC mark

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