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What We Really Remember On #TBT

I remember staring at my naked body in the mirror while puffing out my belly and rubbing it sweetly. I remember praying to wake up and have an identical twin. I remember Michelle Tanner.

My Love Affair With Super Mario Bros. 3

Inevitably someone runs out of lives and the game’s over. You’re exhausted, defeated, your eyes are crusty, your ass is numb, your joints are stiff, your voice is hoarse, your thumbs have calluses, and despite the fact that there’s a “pause” button, you’ve been holding your bladder for three hours.

I’m Pretending You’re Still Alive

And today isn’t the eighth anniversary of your death, it’s just December 10 and it’s snowing so we’re going to play in it before it turns to city slush. And you’re going to carry me home when my socks get too wet and my toes turn to stones.

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