The Pros And Cons Of Being A Woman Who Works With Mostly Men


1. They hold doors open for me. That is nice, especially since none of my dates do that.

2. Batting my eyelashes actually works in a few situations. Not really anything seriously but sometimes I just don’t feel like waiting in line for the copy machine.
3. Sprinkled donuts. (Sprinkles are not manly — score for me!)

4. They want my advice and value my opinion on “chick stuff,” i.e. What should I get my wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog for Valentine’s day?

5. No fashion competition — I am not at risk of having the same J.Crew statement necklace as anyone in the staff meeting. Thanks, dudes!

6. My negative emotions are mine and mine alone. I have found that men who are not my boyfriend, dad, or gay best friend are pretty terrified of female tears and hormones. If I am crying at my desk, they avoid me and it is necessary. I mean, if that ever actually happened….which it doesn’t…often.

7. Ladies’ choice. If my date asks me where to eat, I immediately clam up and act real cute, like I am not hungry and that I LOVE whatever he chooses. I like food. So if I am craving a double cheeseburger for lunch, that is what I am suggesting and guys don’t turn down red meat often.


1. It smells. Not that it always smells bad but sometimes, particularly for a habitually single girl, the smell of “man” doesn’t always smell good.

2. Being the damsel in distress when you don’t mean to be is exhausting. Just because I am struggling with something does not mean I need immediate, undermining assistance. I still have some independence. *insert Beyonce song*

3. Beef jerky. I consume so much manly type food that it is probably not very attractive. There is really never a day that I need a rib eye for lunch. However in my own defense, who doesn’t love a good dehydrated meat snack mid-day?

4. Listening is hard for men. For the most part they love to tell me about their woes and ask for advice but are so quick to shut me down when I want to complain about my date with a guy who only talked about his fish tank for an hour.

5. Lack of flavored creamer. I get it, you drink black coffee and have hair on your chest, but can I please get a little French Vanilla action now and then? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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