The 4 Stages Of Karma

Silver Linings Playbook
Silver Linings Playbook

The twenty-something generation has an easy life in terms of high-end technology, food delivery almost everywhere, and many other material things right at our young, unwrinkled fingertips. However, the less material things are becoming more and more difficult to come by — such as a lasting relationship (whether it is romantic or platonic), or even a comfortable enjoyable job.  Our parents and grandparents were married and settled by the time they were 25, and we are struggling to decide whether to save our money for an overpriced suit that no entry level job cares about or an online dating subscription.  With that being said we put almost all of our hopes and dreams into mantras like:

“Everything happens for a reason”

“The power of positive thinking”

“What goes around comes around”

Twenty-somethings, myself included, have been using karma as a way to deal with good and bad situations alike. In the course of wanting and needing karma, it affects you in stages and is much like a process starting with hurt and desire, and honestly ending in confusion and a fork in your own road:

Stage 1: Hurtful Desire

Maybe someone cut in line at your favorite coffee shop and took the last blueberry muffin that you had you had been craving all morning, or maybe your boyfriend cheated on you with the slutty waitress he was eyeing up when you went out for pizza two weeks ago…either way at that moment, your desire for karma to strike them down is strong.  You believe you are a good person and you are hoping and wishing and praying that someone will “get theirs” all in the name of your good nature.

Stage 2: Positive Belief

You are taking the high road; you are paving your own way to a better place and leaving the scum that screwed you over behind.  Rude strangers, power hungry coworkers and toxic relationships have no place in your life and at this point you believe that you are OKAY.  You can move on and do your own thing because you are great and beautiful and over it.

Stage 3: Karma Shock

It has finally happened…and if you are lucky enough to witness the karma that is deserved, you have made it to Stage 3.  You are in disbelief…your positive thinking has paid off.  All of the change you have thrown into homeless peoples’ cups and the doors you have held open have finally meant something to the universe because you are the better person. YOU have overcome your dark moment and seen the day where the nice guy finishes first and the other guy realizes they aren’t so nice after all.

It would be glorious if the stages of Karma ended at Stage 3.  The universe would be aligned and you can go about your life with a positive light, however that is RARELY the case and we move onto the next stage…

Stage 4: Now what?

At this point, you have already seen the “coffee shop-muffin stealing-line cutting jerk’s” white shirt covered in spilled coffee on your way to work, while you have muffin in hand, or you have heard through the grape vine that your slimy ex got an STD from the pepperoni whore.  So, in not so many words: you have won. You might feel like you are better off and you are happy for yourself but then the excitement passes quickly.  Now you come to a crossroads, which looks an awful lot like an angel and devil sitting on your shoulder.  Do you just wish more karma would take your enemy down, thinking to yourself “why stop now?”  Or are you feeling bad for how quickly your positive energy from Stage 2 has switched over to a revenge mindset and now start to take pity on your karma subject.

No matter what path you take… you must weigh the pros and cons over and over.  My opinion…don’t let Stage 4 turn into an endless cycle.  Believe in what you preach and let it go.  Karma is a great thing to get our generation through the ups and downs of our insane and unpredictable lives.  Take it as a learning experience but keep it in the back of your mind that sometimes Karma might be out to get you too.

Enjoy it….but let it go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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