5 Ways To Bounce Back From A Fight With Your Significant Other

Trinity Kubassek
Trinity Kubassek

There is something to be said about a couple that can bounce back. Who, at one minute, are at each other’s throats on the elevator of their apartment building, and, half an hour later, are seeing each other off for the day with a hug and a kiss.

Co-existing is not easy. Hell, sometimes just existing is not easy. But you keep waking up and you keep living life and you keep bouncing back, because what else are you going to do? GIVE UP?

Not on my watch.

I’m no expert on anything. I mean, I can pour a mean mimosa. I’ve finally gotten the champagne to orange juice ratio correct. It’s 4:0.5 in case you were wondering. But there is one thing I do have a little bit of experience with and that would be loving someone even when you don’t want to. (I assume this is how Melania feels at times.)

1. Remember that the other is not your enemy.
I cannot stress how important this one is. I can’t. Here, I’ll bold it. Remember that the other is not your enemy. You are not in a duel. This is not 300. This is your life and he/she is your person and you are not at war with them. They mean well, unless they legit don’t, in which case what are you even doing with this schmuck?

2. Don’t be so quick to react.
The final word is always fun. A hoot, some would say. But in this case, it’s important to breathe before you think and think before you speak. We speak with hot heads way too often and have so much hate spewing from our lips, you’d think we worked for Satan himself. Btw, I never would. I say never, but if he offered six figures a year with benefits I might consider.

3. Always ask the other “What can I do for you?”
It may seems like a small gesture, but if you genuinely ask, you’ll get a genuine response, unless you’re dating a jerk, and I’m going to pretend you’re not because I don’t even know you, but I know you’re better than that.

4. Watch your tone.
This is where I get in trouble! Hello, my name is Kaitlyn, and I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Sass and Snarkland, and it’s not cute. There’s a difference between standing your ground in an argument and mouthing off so horribly you’ve bruised the ego of the one of you love. Choose wisely. Some things can’t be undone. Words hurt.

5. Say you’re sorry.
Everyone’s personal favorite. Nothing says “I’m a wimp with no pride!” like saying sorry, right? In the words of Donald Trump, WRONG. Saying sorry is great. Get into the habit of saying sorry, especially if you know you’re in the wrong, but sometimes even when you’re not. Saying sorry is a way to mend a tense situation and a way to begin to move forward. Moving forward is good. Standing still and tense just sounds like a sad flashback to your first kiss.

Fighting sucks. Bouncing back from a fight sucks even harder, but it’s possible. Next time you find yourself arguing in an elevator, try out these five tips and you’ll be well on your way to a hug and a kiss and loving someone even when you don’t really feel like it.

After all, love is what makes the world of relationships go ‘round, but, let’s be honest, arguments are what keep them interesting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kaitlyn McQuin is an actor, writer, and funny girl from New Orleans who recently relocated to D.C. to live with her boyfriend and his two judgy pets.

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