I Could Have Loved You, But You Wouldn’t Let Me In


I could’ve loved you. But you didn’t let me.

You let me believe that I could, never letting on that those weren’t your intentions.

The late night conversations in your bed, tangled up in two… you made me believe there was a chance.

I don’t know what went wrong. You were there one day… and then you weren’t.

I don’t know if I was unlovable or if you made yourself to be unlovable, never letting anyone in.

I could’ve been there every night and every morning, to say goodnight, and to wish you a good day.

I could’ve been there for the big moments.

I could’ve helped you love yourself when the task seemed too big to take on alone.

I could’ve had your back when no one else would.

I could’ve held your hand and walked in silence because sometimes it’s just better to enjoy each other’s company that way.

I could’ve been the one to turn to whenever life had you asking too many questions that you couldn’t answer for yourself.

I could’ve seen the world with you.

I could’ve done everything with you.

I could’ve loved you. But you didn’t let me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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