7 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is The Cure To Your Heartbreak

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Sometimes we are so blindsided by love that we unfortunately push our friends to the side. We don’t mean to, unfortunately it just happens naturally.

For most, eventually the long and dreadful process of breaking up with someone comes along and we regret ever pushing our friends away. But like with any good friend, they’re there for you with a big smile, some yummy food, and open arms to take the pain away.

Although breakups can absolutely tear us apart and you are losing someone in the process, you also reunite with your friends and strengthen your relationships with them during the hard time you’re going through.

Maybe I’m lucky or it just happened to be a coincidence, but I am absolutely blessed to experience a shattered and wounded heart at the same time as my best friend.

This was different than most breakups because unlike the spectacular friends that have helped me with past boyfriends, this best friend was suffering through the same agony simultaneously with me.

1. You reminisce on the good times and create even better times. Like anyone going through a difficult time, they want to forget about the stuff that’s bringing them down. When two of you are down in the dumps, you can’t help but to remind each other good times DO EXIST.

2. You get to vent. Crying can be thought of as cringeworthy. Or awkward. Or embarrassing. Bottom line is no one likes to cry. But when you see your best friend do it, you realize it might even be healthy to let everything out so you can finally just breathe again.

3. You realize it’s okay to cry. You shouldn’t feel like you need to keep your feelings bottled up. The best part about going through a loss at the same time as your friend is that you don’t tire of each other venting about your situations. It’s helping both of you and you might even realize that you just need to let a good cry out.

4. Your friends help you find yourself. Sometimes when you become depressed and your heart is torn into what seems tiny little pieces that can not be put back together, you lose yourself. Through any difficult time, there is nothing more promising and comforting than having a friend help you step by step. They remind you of the great qualities that make you you and the attributes people love you for. That friend helps you find yourself again and almost makes you forget the dark place you were once in.

5. You check in on each other even after you both have moved on. Sure you might be over that dreaded, crushing feeling of losing someone and seem okay, but both of you know that there are nights every once in a while where you will have breakdowns about everything and anything. So you check up on each other. You become each other’s biggest emotional supporters.

6. You can look on all of the self-improvement you’ve made over time. Looking back on all of the progress you both have made is one of the most exciting feelings. At one point, neither of you thought you would make it through but now you are thriving. You both deserve a pat on the back.

7. Your best friend is there forever, no matter what. Significant others come and go but your best friend will forever be by your side. No matter how distant you two may get, in the end you will always have each other’s backs. There is no better feeling than having your best friend by your side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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