Nature Is A Potent Remedy

Nature Is A Potent Remedy


Take a walk in the woods (alone),
It is good for the bones.
It is the milk your body craves but refuses to drink.

Take a walk in the woods (alone),
And there you will find all of the questions
That remain unanswered in your mind.

Take a walk in the woods (alone),
And see what all there is to discover
When one chooses to uncover both
The beauty and the destruction in their life.

The Sound Of The Wilderness

Find rest in the wilderness.

It will be in the shade of the trees,
The buzz of the bees,
And in the sound of the water;
Rushing lovingly down the side of the mountain.

Find rest and you become the refuge.

Suburban Streets

Rid me of these
Saturated suburban streets
Echoing the dissonance of fallen trees
And unsown seeds. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I believe in reducing suffering and increasing success.

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