22 Grounding Reminders Every Restless Spirit Needs To Hear Right Now

Ordinary Extraordinary World
Ordinary Extraordinary World

1. There is no need to constantly strive and waste your precious energy on people, activities, and objects that do not yield growth.

2. That being said, life is not all about growth. It is also about enjoyment, it is about pain, it is about spending time with those you love, and it is about being grateful for it all.

3. If you are always looking for answers as to why life is the way it is, you will rarely find them.

4. If you are always looking ahead to the next venture, the next big accomplishment, you will miss all that is to be cherished in the Now.

5. Belief is a dangerous thing. If you believe it to be true—it will be.

6. Be careful how you define happiness for it will be the cornerstone to a life well-lived.

7. Do not look to a specific place or even people to give you happiness, you must choose it.

8. It is okay to feel every emotion in its entirety. If you always fight it, it will only make the pain stronger and the joy you feel dimmer.

9. Feelings are always, always, always temporary—no matter how deep they cut.

10. At night, you shed your dead skin and are made new every day and therefore, every day is new.

11. You need to be content to be alone but community is important too.

12. Do not forget to breathe and breathe deeply, especially when the days are dark and difficult.

13. Open yourself up to all the possibilities life has to offer and be inspired not only by the beautiful, not only by the terrifying but by the mundane too.

14. You bring the light to life and life is lucky to have you.

15. Find rest in what is natural—drink decaffeinated (organic) tea, take a walk in the silent forest. Find rest in your laughter, your tears.

16. We are told to be independent and that being emotionally, physically, or intellectually strong is important. Don’t forget to give yourself space to be unapologetically weak.

17. People can become a home; a refuge and you should let them be if you need help. Humans were not meant to live in isolation.

18. We, humans, are like sponges. We absorb. We learn behaviors from other people, no matter how good or unhealthy they are for us. No matter how individualistic we want to be. Choose the people you surround yourself with wisely.

19. Even if your life is not going according to plan, there are always new opportunities peaking out within the routine. Look deeper, connect with people, and be aware.

20. You may be ready to leave, you may be aching to stay—in your relationships, your home, or job. Do what is ultimately best for you, even if it it hurts.

21. Channel your restless energy into something you care about—a cause, a hobby, a relationship. Volunteer, do, love.

22. Find a balance between the wild and the calm inside of you. Allow both to come out when it is their time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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