22 Things You Should Be Doing If You Don’t Want To Die First In the Apocalypse

Walking Dead
Walking Dead


Play paintball or laser tag. Test your aim under pressure.


Hunt with a bow. Call me old fashioned but if you can take down an animal, without a gun, you can take down anything the apocalypse would throw at you.


Build a fort. There won’t always be an abandoned farmhouse or empty prison to keep you safe.


Successfully sneak up on people. Stealth will be a key skill in guaranteeing your survival. Channel your inner cheetah.


Play Hide N’ Seek. Whatever you do, do not let anyone find you. Ever. Unless it’s on your terms.


Be on Survivor. What better way to claim certain victory?


Create your own reality TV show. Plan B if Survivor rejects you.


Go camping with nothing. The ultimate test of your wilderness survival skills.


Do pushups. The more you can do, the better off you will be.


Climb a tree. Because zombies can’t climb…right?


Live life tech-free for a week. Verizon will no longer exist. You must prepare yourself for that.


Create an obstacle course. If you’re clumsy, this is of utmost importance.


Eat food you despise without gagging or throwing up. Sorry to break it to you but it won’t be all filet mignon and McDonald’s french fries when the world is about to end.


Befriend an enemy. If you can win over an enemy, you have a good shot at becoming a leader in this future dystopia. Just don’t let it go to your head, okay?


ID plants. You never know when that innocent-looking berry will be poisonous.


Play “Two Truths And A Lie” and see if you can spot the lie. Identifying a liar could let you hone in on who you can and can’t trust.


Run a 5K in 5 minutes. Because, let’s face it. You’ll be running a lot.


Take on a big project at school or work. See what you’re like under pressure. If you can’t handle it, odds are you probably can’t handle the apocalypse.


Form a squad. Because there is strength in numbers and you can never have to many allies.


If something breaks, don’t buy it. Fix it. You won’t always have what you need. You’ll need to be resourceful.


Take a karate class. Learn how to fight right.


Take up the lost art of couponing. Collect those canned goods, baby. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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