10 Unexpected Perks Of Living The Minimalist Life


Minimalism often gets a reputation for being modest, plain, and even boring. What most people do not realize is that minimalism does not just encompass a person’s wardrobe or determine how one will decorate their home. It is more of a philosophy that less really is more and in the midst of subtracting what no longer serves you, you are actually enhancing your life in the process.

1. There is less laundry to do.

This one is self-explanatory, folks. Look below for more details.

2. Therefore, minimalists take some pressure off the environment and that is never a bad thing.

Minimalists have less clothing, dishes, and other items that need to be cleaned. Decreasing these need-to-clean items decreases their use of water, therefore, helping Mama Earth out. They also do not get more than they need, meaning there is most likely less trash too.

3. Moving is less stressful.

Moving may be stressful no matter who you are. You are going to be in a new location, with new people, and at a new job or school environment. This experience would stress anyone out. However, minimalists would have less material possessions to pack in their moving van (and who knows, they may not even need a moving van).

4. They have learned how to detach from the possessions they do not need.

When it comes time to reassess their wardrobe, home décor, and even items that are associated with their chosen hobbies, they have learned to let go of what does not serve them anymore. At times, this may be a difficult process but they know that the less stuff they own, the less their stuff will own them.

5. They do not have to worry about what to wear.

They may not have as much to choose from as non-minimalists but they have become an expert on the art of mixing and matching. Their attire brings about fresh new looks despite the fact they are using the same clothes.

6. Knowing that minimalism is different for everyone.

What may be excess to them can be what is minimal for someone else (and vice versus) and they realize that.

7. Buying less means they have more money for what truly matters to them.

Instead of spending money on another pair of shoes or an object they are getting out of obligation, they can spend that money on something that truly matters to them. Whether it be an adventurous outdoor experience or a simple item that adds immense meaning to their lives.

8. Being resourceful.

This trait does not only apply to minimalists. However, minimalists have a greater tendency to be more frugal and this forces them to work with what they have instead of buying the solution.

9. They are generally not high maintenance.

I cannot speak for the personality type of each minimalist out there but because they have chosen a lifestyle that is rooted in the idea of needing less to be happy; they really do not need a lot to be satisfied and will only ask others (if necessary) or pay for what they really need.

10. They find the meaning not in what they have (possession-wise) but who they are as a person.

One purpose of minimalism is for one to refocus on what truly matters. Part of the revelation minimalists experience is the idea that you can have all the riches in the world but if you are not satisfied with who you are, those possessions mean nothing. They are much more likely to put value on self-love, career, and strengthening the relationships in their lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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