A Thank You Letter To Lazy Millennials

Seemi Samuel
Seemi Samuel

Thank you lazy millennials,
Thank you for being entitled
For being brave enough to speak up when you see your fellow mans’ rights being taken from them.
For being astute enough to understand that this world we live in, although left to us in better condition than the previous generations, is far from perfect.
For standing together in times where hatred and intolerance still run very deep
For being loud enough to make it known that close mindedness is not something we will condone or tolerate.
Thank you for being emotional
For being the generation who understands that it is ok to have feelings, and it is important to accept everyone’s perspectives no matter how uncomfortable it may make us.
For embracing the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, background.
For not settling on what is easiest like many have before.
Thank you for being the generation of compassion for not only each other but our planet and all those that inhabit it.
Thank you for being the “lost” generation
For choosing travel and knowledge of the world around us over convenience.
For being a generation of artists, dreamers, and doers, and nurturers, and champions for those who cannot be.
For following your dreams instead of settling.
Thank you for accepting the criticisms as a generation of lazy millennials
For not being driven to have the most expensive cars, houses, or material things but choosing to have less so our friends and strangers can have more.
Because you know something they don’t
We know our peers are not the exception, they’re the rule.
And our children, and their child will thank us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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