6 (Actually Helpful) Things No One Tells You Before You Go To College

American Pie and the National Lampoon series always set up college the same way: crazy frat parties, mindless sexual encounters, scandalous sororities, and plenty of underage drinking. If this is really what college is like, then please just put me on a grill flipping burgers.

I knew what I was going into when I got accepted to college, and I accepted the challenge of focusing on my schoolwork and keeping a level head. Parents, older friends, and college guide books will always give you the obvious tips and know how about basic college life. Unfortunately, watching John Belushi in a toga didn’t really prepare me for the bad and unexpected kinks so far.

1. The dorms will be loud sometimes

No matter what special part of the dorms you are in, there is going to be come sort of noise either on the floor or from somewhere else in the building. I specifically asked to be on a “quiet lifestyles” floor, little did I know that almost every sorority girl that exists has to live on this floor as well. As you can see, it’s never ever quiet no matter where you go unfortunately. I strongly recommend noise canceling headphones, only $40 on Amazon.

2. There are plenty of frat parties for everyone, good or bad

It’s not like I didn’t believe there were college parties going on in the fraternity and sorority houses, I just didn’t know there would be this many per week and open to anybody. It’s such a temptation to go and hang out and feel like you have all this freedom, but it’s just not worth it whether it’s fun or not. This is probably the only thing movies are ever accurate about. Sorry Ryan Gosling.

3. Kids come to class drunk, blazed, hung over, you name it

Again, I obviously know this kind of stuff has been happening since high school: kids show up high or drunk on something or another. The difference between high school and college though is that no one really cares and there’s a slim chance you get in trouble for any of it. Some kid sat in front of me in my chemistry class straight up smelling like a bag of weed with eyes blood-red. Nobody said anything, and nobody really cared. #yolo

4. Alcohol flows like water, shocking right?

College = Parties, Frats = Party houses, Alcohol = Average drink consumed by frat boys. See my point? College campuses are one of the easiest places to get alcohol, whether it’s legal or not, and can be found within plenty of dorms on campus. I strongly recommend not bringing any alcohol or going into any rooms with alcohol, whether you are aware or not, seeing it can get you thrown out of housing on campus. I’m not saying you can’t drink or party, but if it’s worth getting thrown out of the dorms and having it put down on your records.

5. The library is your friend, go and visit them

There is this magical and all-knowing place on campus to travel when you are in doubt: the library. It literally has everything you could possible need: computers with printers, textbooks to check out, research help, coffee, you name it. It’s a fantastic place to study because noise and chatter will be shushed by a nice, little old lady in glasses with a chain. You get resources within reach and a perfect, quiet environment to study or do homework. What more could you ask for?

6. Tutoring is not for “dumb people”

Yes you go to tutoring sessions when a class is becoming difficult and killing your grades, but it’s not all about raising your grades. It is possible to go into sessions to make sure you’re on the right track for your class, get further explanation on a difficult concept, or just have help studying for an upcoming test. Most tutoring on campus is usually free, so take advantage of that free service! Trust me; I don’t care how smart you are or how smart you think you are, there will be times when you really need help from a tutor. Better to know your courses too well than just enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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