3 Reasons SoulCycle Actually Makes Me Want To Exercise

If you haven’t tried it, you’ve at least heard of SoulCycle – the intense, 45-minute dancing-on-a-bike workout classes. I am not exaggerating when I say that SoulCycle has literally changed the way I look at exercising for better and here’s how:

1. It actually changes your body

How many times have you given in to the latest trend and seen no results? SoulCycle is no ordinary spinning class; it challenges every single part of your body physically. What’s different about SoulCycle is that your pedal strokes are meant to keep in time with the beat. So depending on the beats per minute in a song, the tempo of your ride is constantly changing. In addition to catching the beat, SoulCycle also incorporates crunches, oblique work, and core work on different positions on your handlebars as well as weights. You will see the difference after a few weeks of consistent commitment (and also clean eating). Everything will feel tighter. Your body will be stronger and your mentality will be enlightened. It’s a workout and a journey.

2. The music is on point

Music is my personal trainer. If I don’t vibe with the music, the workout is not happening. I personally prefer deep house beats or some hip-hop and R&B (shoutout to Anthony M!). It might take you a few classes of trial-and-error to find which instructors play the music you like. I guarantee you that once you find that instructor, you are set. One of my favorite instructors is Monique and the music is a huge reason why. I eagerly await to hear what great playlist Monique will come up with next for her classes. SoulCycle also bumps the music at just the right frequency. I sometimes wonder if I’m working out or at a club in my lululemon gear.

3. The instructors are inspirational

As I said above, I ride mainly with Monique. She is one of the most positive and inspirational instructors I have taken at SC. Throughout the ride, she is always shouting out positive mantras and one of the ones that has stuck with me is: “We don’t wake up to give up.” This really hit it on the head for me when it came to finally finding an exercise regiment that I actually like to do. Why are we going to invest our time, money, and ourselves into a workout regiment if we aren’t going to give it our all? Little things like this are crucial and inspirational to fitness success. I’ve always exercised but it has not always been something I’ve enjoyed doing. The instructors at SoulCyle make me want to go. I enter and leave with a sense of spirituality. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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