5 Things Women Do That Make Us Seem Nuts

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Shutterstock / dreamerve

I, as a woman, assume I can speak for all women, which I can’t, but I think I have a pretty good gauge on what makes women seem a little crazy at times. It could definitely only be me, though I don’t think so. We are strange creatures that do strange things.

1. Crying at the most random times.

So this could just be for me, but I can cry at the most random times and at the most random things. Maybe it’s hormones, maybe I’m weak; it’s probably a combination of the two. But send me a picture of a heartfelt proposal or a baby doing something funny, and I am close to tears. Sometimes it’s a commercial, sometimes it’s a song. Most of the time I look like a crazy person that needs both a tissue and some help.

2. Stalking the hell out of anyone.

I am almost positive that it’s a skill we were born with. Whether it’s our best friend’s new boyfriend or the co-worker that is just a little bit too weird, we will find out all about them just by spending 15 minutes online. It’s sad that someone’s entire life story is now online, but it’s also super convenient when you want to find out if the guy you like is still with his ex-girlfriend. We are always smart about it because we know it’s important not to leave a trail, no accidental likes and never actually viewing their LinkedIn page; they will know and we are too good to get caught.

3. Talking to ourselves about anything.

We like to think that we give the best advice, even to ourselves. We also like to think that we are hilarious and are often caught laughing at ourselves because we thought of the perfect joke while no one was around. Again, it may seem like we are crazy, but it’s just how we process our thoughts. Also most of the time we don’t think that people are actually paying attention to us, so we often act like we are in our own world and so saying something aloud doesn’t seem so farfetched.

4. Thinking that we aren’t good enough.

It’s a curse that every woman knows too well—the thought that we have to change who we are so that people will like us. It’s all bullshit, but it’s also something we still think is true. Why we think this way is beyond my comprehension. Maybe at a certain age we will no longer give a fuck or maybe there are women out there that are far more confident than I will ever be. It’s hard when you want someone in particular to like you but you think that you aren’t appealing enough. Though I don’t always take my own advice, I would definitely say screw all of the haters and if they don’t like you for you, than they are not worth your time anyway.

5. Overanalyzing everything.

No matter how trivial we like to take the simplest things and pick apart every single solitary detail of it. Say this guy who works at our favorite coffee shops flashes his beautiful smile at us; everything changes. Why did he smile at me? Did I have something in my teeth? Does he want to date me now? Should I ask him out? Oh no I can never go to this coffee place ever again. And this can happen multiple times in one day, in one hour. We are strange beings that think everything means something and that we must figure what that thing is right away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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