6 Things You Struggle With When Looking For A Job

Step Brothers
Step Brothers

1. Actually starting

Even the process of thinking about finding a new job is exhausting. The most difficult part after deciding to find a job is actually beginning. The process begins with heading to the closest Starbucks, setting up your computer, getting sidetracked with Facebook and Twitter, catching a glimpse of your sad reflection in the computer screen, and then putting your big girl pants on and starting.

2. Updating your resume

This is a bitch, because who the hell knows what people are looking for? We can only talk ourselves up so much until we are just making shit up. So we Google resume examples and try to use words that aren’t too fancy, but make us sound desirable. (But never using the word desirable, that’s just weird) Finally, we realize that college didn’t prepare us for this and all we want is some needed guidance.

3. Cover Fucking Letter

I don’t think I will ever master the art of a good cover letter. I have no idea what I’m supposed to say. I’ve seen examples and have read hundreds, but are people really up for reading a boring mini biography about me? I know I wouldn’t. We try to kiss up to the company that we apply to, even though we only realized they existed today. We make it seem like our achievements are grand and we tell them we will work hard because we desperately need a job. (Reworded, of course, in a way that doesn’t make me sound pathetic)

4. The search begins

Not knowing what we actually want to do or more importantly what we are qualified for makes this difficult. Like what kinds of people want to hire, young, inexperienced (and at times obnoxious) twenty somethings? It’s easy to just dick around for a little, looking at dream jobs that require 20 million years of experience. It’s much easier to play pretend than to actually find something that you are qualified for.

5. Applying

Eureka! We have found a job that we are semi-capable at doing. Then we realize that it’s like the job that we currently have, but it’s not a job we hate, yet. We apply because we get bored easily and we have short attention spans. We hope for the best and click send.

6. Rejection

It comes in the form of a call, an email or the ever so popular nothing. The wait is agonizing and it makes us question how we ever got a job in the first place. When the email comes and it says, “we are sorry to inform you that the position has been filled” our hearts sink. It’s not that this was the perfect job, it’s just we now have to go through the entire process again. Also rejection stings and it always leaves an invisible scar. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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