6 Types Of Friends You Should Finally Get Rid Of

Flickr / Giridhar Appaji Nag Y
Flickr / Giridhar Appaji Nag Y

We all have friends that we tolerate. In truth, it doesn’t make any sense as to why we stick with them. Maybe we think they will change? Maybe we just don’t have a lot of friends? Either way, any of the friends listed below should be kicked to the curb because they are a waste of time.

1. The Money Friend

The person who constantly says that they will pay you back—and they do sometimes—but most of the time you are left with an empty wallet. They may not have a job or any money, but then they shouldn’t order three glasses of wine and expect you to pay. They like to talk about ways they are saving money, i.e., getting their clothes at Goodwill or finding a sucker date that bought them dinner. Time to let them go and start spending your well-earned money on yourself.

2. The Needy Friend

Yes, friends are supposed to be there for each other, to have each other’s back, and to cut any bitch that tries to mess with the other, but there is a line. If she is always crying to you about her problems about that one guy she was with five years ago, it’s time to say goodbye. She is the friend that asks how you are only because she knows that once you’re done she will go into a one-woman show about her issues. She doesn’t listen when you’re talking or she always relates your story back to her life. She seems like she cares, but she doesn’t and neither should you.

3. The Forgetful Friend

She may be slightly cooler than you because she dresses better or goes to concerts with her drummer boyfriend, but she never has time for you. Maybe you have been friends for a while and you forgive her every time she gives an excuse not to hang out. You make plans with her and she doesn’t text you the entire day until an hour before and says that a big test came up, like it magically appeared. She doesn’t have time for you and you should stop wasting your time on her.

4. The Wasted Friend

She is a blast on the weekends, until she drinks so much that you are left cleaning up the vomit from her dress. You don’t understand how someone who parties so much hasn’t built up a sumo wrestler’s tolerance. You thought her partying was cool until it was every weekend, and then every other day. It’s not that you can’t keep up (which you can’t), it’s that you would rather do anything else. Say goodbye or send her to rehab ASAP.

5. The Going Nowhere Friend

You both knew each other in college and both had great times and both graduated. Three years later, you found a job that you can tolerate and she is still looking for the “perfect job.” She is only searching for that one thing that will make her happy. She won’t give in to any job that isn’t something she will love, so she spends most of her time living at home and doing nothing. Granted, her parents are probably enablers to her lazy habits, but girl, sometime soon you will have to get your lazy ass off of the couch and work in a call center. You still care for her, but you are so far down the road of life you can no longer see her on it.

6. The Bitch Friend

We all have that friend who we love to hate. Somewhere, somehow, you became “friends” and you even hang out, but deep down you know that she will stab you in the back at any moment. Why we keep her around is a mystery to me. Maybe we like her because she always drives, or maybe we love to picture us beating them up someday when they mess with our actual friends. In reality we are all wasting our time and energy on them and that’s just what they want.

It’s important to note that if more than one of these qualities is in a single friend, you should run now. No questions, they are not worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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