How To Make The Most Of Your Post-Grad Rut

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School isn’t for everyone. I fully believe that. However, school was for me. There’s just something about structure and consistency that blends well with my brain and thought processes. Waking up every day knowing exactly what I had to do, when I had to do it and executing those goals made life… flow. Sure, there were days I thought to myself, “What the heck am I doing?” But for the most part, I loved it.

So, when graduation came slamming into me, I realized that while I knew how to be a student, I wasn’t sure I knew how to be an adult. Cue freak out mode. One whole month post-grad and I had no job, no job offers, a dwindling bank account and absolutely no structure. You could say I was going nowhere fast. Can I get an “Amen” from the other recent graduates?

Alright, maybe I’m being dramatic. Honestly though, it’s kind of terrifying when it hits you that no one’s laying your life out for you anymore. You’ve got to make your own moves, get the ball rolling and create a life worth living. However, you also have to relax, appreciate your progress and trust the process.

Once I did that, good things started to happen. I went on an incredible two week trip with my best friend. No responsibilities, complete freedom and plenty of stories for my future grandchildren. I spent time on me. Rediscovering my love for reading, binging Netflix without guilt, running (for fun!), sleeping in, catching up with old friends and letting myself soak up this brief lull of excitement. I even adopted a kitten named Oliver who happens to love cuddles and impromptu sneak attacks. I picked up odd jobs here and there, learned to budget really well, and then bang: I landed my first real-world job.

Maybe I sound crazy, and maybe I actually am crazy, but once you let go of all those heavy expectations you’ve set for yourself, take a breather, and let life happen: good things come your way. If you’re like I was, stuck in a rut and doubting yourself, remember these 5 things:

1. There’s one thing true about life: it goes on. Nothing is forever and eventually everything falls into place.

2. You’re more than a job title.

3. It’s okay to take a rest. Give yourself a few days to do nothing, sleep, hang out, relax and then get back up and tackle your future.

4. Hang out with successful and motivated people. The saying “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” rings true.

5. You CAN do it. You’ve just got to work hard, set goals, and bring to fruition the life you’ve always wanted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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