Look For The Beauty In Imperfections

I think sometimes we get so set on this distorted expectation of how life should be that we lose sight of all that it already is. We set standards for ourselves so high that when we inevitably fail to reach them, our whole world comes crashing down around us. We spend countless days chastising our every downfall and wrong decisions that we become blind to what power and magnificence lies within our beings.

Perfection is sought in every avenue of life — whether it be our careers, looks, education, or talents — so it’s no wonder so many people feel like failures when they face the inescapable truth that is: perfection is illusory at best. What I believe so many fail to see is the beauty that lies in imperfection, the opportunity for growth that comes after falling down and the strength that thrives after pain. We see our every downfall as a burden, a blemish and yet another reason we have failed.

What I wish we would focus on is our present state of being, who we currently are, bruises and all. I’ve realized that the more time I spend milling over my past, the more time I lose creating and reveling in my present. That life doesn’t come with an eraser, but nothing lacks hope unless you give up. That each piece of my past has somehow been puzzled together to create my present life and even though some of those pieces may have been bent or flawed they have somehow formed into a beautiful whole. I’ve learned that every mistake has reminded me of my imperfect ways and brought to the forefront areas I need to pay more attention to. I’ve learned to never take for granted my darkest times because they make the light that much brighter.

I no longer wish to be perfect or to lead a life free from trials and mistakes but I long to lead my life with a heart over-flowing with love humility and compassion, a mind forgiving of others as well as myself, a tongue that knows when to speak and when to be silent, and hands that persevere and are willing to earn not expect success. I’m learning to appreciate all that I am and recognize my shortcomings without allowing them to possess my every thought, to face conflicts with an open mind and a willingness to grow and gain courage from them and to recognize when I’ve done wrong and do whatever it takes to right it.

There’s a lot to live for in this brief moment of time we’ve been granted but our past isn’t one. You can’t attain perfection and your life won’t either but that’s the point. We aren’t here to be perfect, we’re here to piece together all our chips, cracks, and scars into the most beautiful, imperfect humans we can be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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