Stop Waiting To “Be Ready” To Do Something

I don’t believe in “being ready” for things. Like one day you’re just going to wake up “ready” to move on, travel to another country or make some drastic life change, but today just isn’t the day? What are you waiting for? A sign from some omnipresent creator urging you to take a leap out of your comfort zone and make a mad dash towards change? Or maybe you’ll just feel it in your veins, something different… some tingly sensation that will let you know it’s time, today is the day — you’re “ready.” Possibly you’re basing your ability to tackle said challenge on the opinions of those around you, letting their crude remarks and piercing words dictate just how capable you are of conquering change.

Odds are you’re scared. Scared of failure or not being able to fill the void moving on would create. Scared you won’t like where your change takes you and since life isn’t exactly Direct TV, you can’t rewind. Fearful that what you’ll leave behind is better than what your future holds. Afraid of the inevitable whispers behind your back, sideways looks and broken friendships. Change isn’t comfortable. Satisfaction isn’t guaranteed and there is no return policy.

You might not be ready. In fact, you probably aren’t. But damnit, you’re able. You hold within you the capacity to change not only yourself but the world around you. See those feet of yours? They weren’t made to be complacent they were made to take you places that expand your mind and challenge your reality. Feel that heart beat? It’s strong and it’s steady and it’s going to keep on beating even when things don’t go as planned. Your hands are meant to create, to reach out and serve others, to grasp the hands of strangers and intertwine with the fingers of old lovers and new lovers. You have two eyes waiting to soak up every inch of beauty the world has to offer. You hold within every tool needed to change your life, construct your happiness and reach every last goal of yours.

You are able. You are strong. Life won’t wait for you to “be ready” and frankly, nobody else will, either.

If there ever was a day for tearing down the walls of self-created doubt, climbing over the ruble and ruling your life, it’s today. Own your choices. Make mistakes. Fall in love and then fall out. Travel where no one knows your name and definitely not your story. Expand your experiences and create your reality. Recognize that it may be uncomfortable now, but what’s worse is the throbbing realization that you put your dreams on hold while time went on without you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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