15 Simple Life Pleasures That We Should Celebrate More Often

We, as a society and as individuals, tend to focus on the negatives in life. We read and write articles on why he didn’t text you back and why our generation cannot succeed in the workforce. We watch and read news that focuses on hate and war and crime. We spend precious nights with friends complaining about work and failed relationships. Some days, we just need a reminder that there are little joys every day; there is a reason to get out of your bed and start this day with some positivity. We need to spend more time celebrating the simple pleasures that occur every day, for our sanity and well-being. I hope this list gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, and at least temporarily overrides your negative outlook on the world:


1. Waking up and realizing there is still an hour until your alarm goes off.

One more hour to be wrapped as a warm burrito of blankets and dreams? That is the most exciting way to start your day.

2. Not hitting a single red light on your commute.

Something about this rare phenomenon makes you feel like a god. The power of the traffic lights lays in your holy hands!

3. Getting a handwritten letter from a loved one.

E-mails and texts are great and efficient, but getting any mail that is not a bill or your alma mater looking for money is a momentous occasion.

4. Finding a pair of jeans that fits JUST RIGHT.

This only happens every 5 years or so, so embrace it.

5. Turning on the TV and seeing that a movie you love has just started.

In a time of DVR and Netflix, you can almost forget how exciting it is to just watch what is on TV. It’s out of your control, and sometimes you just need that. Relax tonight, there are no tough decisions to be made. Titanic is on.

6. A genuine, random compliment from a stranger.

They’re not looking to butter you up for any reason, they just really love your hair and wanted you to know.

7. Taking your shoes off after a long day.

Especially if those shoes are high heels. Wiggle those toes in freedom. You made it through the day, champ.

8. Having a tickle fight with a toddler.

A consensual tickle fight with a toddler you personally know, to be clear.

9. Finding money in your pocket.

Or if you’re 22 and still trying to get your life together, waking up after a night out and realizing you didn’t spend as much at the bar as you thought you did…

10. Hearing your favorite song from 1998 on the radio.

You know the song- you can still perform the dance you and your best friend choreographed to it. In all your adult importance you had forgotten about this anthem of your childhood, but you still know every word, every breath, every drum beat. And it feels damn good to belt it out in the car.

11. Seeing the sunrise.

Being up early enough to see the sunrise is not cool, but when the sky is pink and new it makes ungodly hours of the morning seem not so bad. The sky will never look exactly like this again, take a minute to enjoy the beauty and the uniqueness of the day.

12. Painting your nails and then NOT smudging them.

I have yet to experience this level of ladyhood, but I hear it happens and it must be a really exciting achievement.

13. Surprising yourself with repressed knowledge.

Sometimes you just whip out some long-division skills and shock yourself and those around you. Congratulate your 4th grade self for paying attention in class and retaining this information.

14. Taking a hot shower.

When there is hot water streaming down over your naked body, you seem to have a lot of worldly realizations and epiphanies. I don’t know at what age showers stopped being a dreaded chore of cleanliness and became a sanctuary, but go take a hot shower. Evaluate your life. Laugh, cry, sing, wash, rinse, repeat. Everything will be clearer when your fingers look like raisins and your hair is clean.

15. Seeing a puppy!

If seeing a puppy doesn’t make your day infinitely better, then nothing I ever write could bring joy to your cold, dark soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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