The Possibility Of You

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i. make room for kindness. make room for the kind of love that chooses to embrace the good in people and in yourself. do not be so hard on yourself for all those times you came up short or for all those times when you’ve done more bad than good. give yourself credit. on days when breathing is hard, but you still managed to. on days when you want to stop, but didn’t. on days when it was easier to quit, but you still chose to push through.

ii. it’s okay to have spaces inside of you that you still have to fill. fill them with love; with happiness. fill them with all the beautiful things you could ever think of. these spaces leave more room for you to grow. and in growing, you would learn to appreciate the things you already have and the person you already are. and make you look forward to the person you could be someday.

iii. be brave. be brave enough to let go of the things that hold you down. be brave enough to be heard. to speak of the fears that left you gasping and grasping for something to hold onto. to show others the scars you’ve always kept hidden. to let them know of the weight you constantly carry on your shoulders. be brave enough to let them help you carry it. be brave enough to just be; to let them see you, faults and all because it’s the only way you could love yourself better.

iv. leaving is inevitable. and one way or another, no matter what we do, it’s always bound to happen. we leave and we are left but never let the way they leave determine your worth. no matter how many times they leave, it doesn’t mean that you do not deserve to be stayed for. stay for you. because you, more than anyone, deserve to be stayed for.

v. appreciate the little things. the simple moments you often overlook. the parts of you that you often drown in doubt. because when life gets too heavy and it’s hard to breathe sometimes, these little things matter. these simple things matter. they ground you. there may be far greater things than you but you make a part of something beautiful, too.

vi. be grateful, even when it’s hard to. even when you feel like there’s nothing to be grateful for. there is. there always is. it makes a big difference when you learn to have a grateful heart.

vii. look at yourself with more love. handle your heart more gently than you’re used to. you are yesterday’s promise of tomorrow and someday, you will look back right at this moment and you will thank yourself for being kind to you; for being patient; for treating yourself the way you were supposed to be treated.

viii. there is hope. there is light in all this darkness. there is healing in all this pain. there is hope in all this hurt. there is hope for you. there is hope in you. darling, you are a miracle, a miracle that’s waiting to happen and you just need to believe that you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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