We Were Both Right (Just Not For Each Other)

i had you but i lost you
Bilena S

i had you,

i have had you

for years but

i am letting you go.

i am letting you go

along with all those

times and

moments we’ve

been keeping safe.

i am letting you

go for reasons

even i couldn’t understand.

and maybe that’s

why i should let

you go. i wouldn’t want

to hold onto you


questioning every

single reason why

i shouldn’t give you up.

i know,

we chose love.

we chose to love

over and over

and we promised

to always do.

but this is me,

this is me saying

that i love you,

that i have loved you with

the kind of love that

knows that endings

are inevitable;

the kind that knows

that sometimes,

it’s better to love

from afar.

and eventually,


when our paths

would cross, i hope we’d

both be better.

our hearts-

more capable of

loving; of giving

and accepting love.

i hope one day, i

could say that

i was right in

choosing to leave;

in choosing to let

us go.

i hope one day we’d

be able to accept that

we were right-

that we were both



just not for

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