A Poem For The One Who Got Away

to the one who got away
Brooke Cagle

i never told you
that you
were the tomorrow
i have always
wished for;
the what if and
could’ve been i have
lived with
every day.
i never told you
that for a moment,
you were
the flicker of sunlight
against my
indigo sky;
that for a time,
it felt as if
i have held constellations
on the palm of
my hand.

we never spoke of endings,
you and i
we knew,
somehow we knew
that we never
were and
we never
could be; that like other
things, we too would end.

so i’m telling you
that my tongue still stings
from all the i miss you
i have stopped myself
from saying, and
that my eyes burn
from rubbing them too often
so others wouldn’t know that
i still drown in my tears.

i miss you,
i miss
i’m slowly learning
not to miss you.

but i’m happy,
and i hope you
are too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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