Five Crucial Things To Remember When They Do Not Love You Back

William Randles

i. hold on. hold on but know when to unclench your fists to gently set things free. hold on but know when to let go. hold on but let go when you have to. it doesn’t mean you love them any less when you do.

ii. there may be days when this world reminds you of all that you are not; of all that you couldn’t be. it may have made you feel as if you aren’t enough but please be patient with yourself. there is a universe of possibilities inside of you and you only ever need the courage to dive into them.

iii. let yourself heal. plant daydreams in the cracks on your heart. stitch the gaping spaces in your chest with tears if you have to. let your heart heal the way it knows how. darling, you could only be better if you allow yourself to be.

iv. your heart is more than just someone else’s home. it is yours too. your heart is your home and it will always be.

v. learn to love yourself on your dark days. learn to love yourself when you can’t seem to love any part of you, when your heart is too heavy with darkness and sadness is all that has kept you company. learn to love yourself and learn to let others love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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