The 4 Things To Remember About Healing

The 4 Things To Remember About Healing

i. some truths are harder to swallow. some days they’d leave a bitter taste on your tongue and some nights you’d lie awake with your hand gripping your chest, wishing the truth was a little less painful.

ii. time is unforgiving and unrelenting but it is as real as it’s going to get. you are going to lose people; they will drift away slowly or all too suddenly. you will forget names and faces and they will all just be distant realities we almost always promised we wouldn’t forget.

iii. life is hard but please do not be so hard on yourself. do not blame yourself for being too soft or too gentle or too much of who you are.

iv. sweetheart, they may not always choose you but always choose to love. it may not be enough to keep people from leaving, but love, it will make you stay. love will make you want to stay for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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