10 Reasons To Choose Plants Over People

10 Reasons To Choose Plants Over People
Tony Lam Hoang

Guys, the plant life obsession is on trend for a reason. Plants are life-sustaining, the source of all nourishment, the ultimate planet-savers and some of the most stunning creations on this planet. Their benefits to life around them also know no bounds – plants are mysterious, gorgeous bambinos of Mother Nature, so it’s pretty hard to imagine how people could ever stack up against them.

1. Plants Make You Happier. People Don’t.

Wow, where to begin? People are, no doubt, the source of every negative emotion you experience on a daily basis, and by the way, you’re a person too, you self-sabotaging thing. People tend to mess things up for everyone else with their egos, insecurities, war-mongering ways and sociopathic attitudes. Whereas plants, well, they’re pretty excellent for a myriad of reasons, not least because they make your life better and happier simply with their presence.
According to Texas Agriculture & Medicine University, caring for plants can improve your levels of compassion and make your relationships better. Better relationships mean a happier you. Holistic Solutions for Anxiety & Depression also reports that just touching plants makes you calmer, and yet another study shows that flowers have an immediate mood-boosting effect on you!

2. People are High Maintenance. Plants Aren’t.

People seem to want everything from you and the human race seems inherently selfish.
Instead of spending your life people-pleasing and avoiding confrontation or offense, how about just looking after your incredibly beneficial house plants? They just need water and sunlight, not birthday presents, regular coffee breaks, baby-sitting or DIY favors.

3. Plants Won’t Break Your Heart or Make You Go Insane.

Boyfriends, girlfriends, ex-husbands and ex-wives all have the worrying tendency to either break your heart or bring on a bout of mild insanity. Plants will heal you, instead.
There’s a wonderful thing called horticultural therapy which advocates gardening as therapy to help rehabilitate after trauma. And if you do go insane, they boost healing and reduce recovery time!

4. Plants Make Better Decisions Than People.

In a paper published in Current Biology, research scientists revealed that plants are actually exceptionally astute risk averters, based on an experiment of pea plants choosing the best pots. As one of the ecologists involved in the study commented, the experiment “raises a question, not about plants, but about animals and humans” and just how poor we might be at making good decisions. He goes on to say “We have a very fancy brain, but maybe most of the time we’re not using it.”

5. Eating People is Frowned Upon.

Plants can physically keep you alive through their incredible nourishing body matter. Humans may be able to as well, but you’d go to prison soon afterwards. But regardless of morality, plant protein is actually better for you than animal protein. Plant-based diets promote lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better blood sugar, lower rates of cancer, weight loss and that sort of glowing quality Gwyneth Paltrow always talks about.

6. Plants Have a Purpose in Life.

Plants aren’t bogged down by self-sabotage or by what other people say. They aren’t steered off-course by self-esteem issues or contemplating their own existence. No, they know what they need to do and they’re good at it. Plants grow toward the light. It’s in their genetic make-up to do this.
People on the other hand? We’re far too busy getting caught up in all the unimportant white noise to listen up and pay attention to whatever collective purpose we may have. It’s sad. That’s why plants are better, guys.

7. Plants Aren’t Killing Our Planet. They’re Saving It.

We have a symbiotic relationship with plants in that we breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Plants use this carbon dioxide – the evil gas which contributes to global warming, the potential demise of our existence – and converts it into sweet, life-sustaining oxygen! NASA’s research has also recently revealed that plants help clean the air by removing trace levels of toxic vapors!

8. Plants are More Sociable Than People.

Trees in forests talk to each other using the internet of fungi. Yep, it’s an actual thing which allows each plant to communicate and help each other out through an information superhighway! Furthermore, Peter Wohlleben claims that trees are exceptionally social beings which are maternal, talkative, feel pain, have sex and store a memory!

9. Plants Get Over It and Move On.

Plants are fabulous adaptors. In the simplest sense, plants move every day to ensure they’ve got the best chance of survival by sun-seeking. By turning leaves toward the sun, or moving their flower heads toward it like sunflowers do, they deal with the situation at hand and adapt to make the best possible situation out of it. People tend to prefer blame and self-pity, or waiting for someone else to sort it out for them!

10. Plants Give Naturally All That They Are and All that They Have.

Plants are fabulous creatures which give everything and expect very little back. This is a serious rarity in this day and age – the only other noble beasts out there are animals. Plants are, by all accounts selfless; they help the environment, provide us with nourishment, heal us and improve our moods. People aren’t so generous; therefore, these guys deserve our serious respect!

Guys, you’ve got it spot on. Plants are just better than people and there’s very little contest about. So yes, you may become a social outcast if you only socialize with plants, but at least you’ll be safe from humans, right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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