5 Foolproof Tips To Get Your Beauty Routine Ready For Fall

This season, don’t spend any more time worrying about if your look is up to day.
Joanna Kosinska

When the seasons change, it can seem like everything else does too. Your surroundings begin to shift from green trees and thriving grass to wilted leaves on sidewalks. Even things like the options on local menus become fall themed, and everyone begins to stock up on their favorite autumn spices and smells.

Something else that changes with the season is the fashion and beauty world, which means you may start finding yourself wondering if your beauty routine fits in with the fall looks all around you. You could also start dealing with different self-care issues, since the changing weather will affect skin and hair differently too. This season, don’t spend any more time worrying about if your look is up to day. Check out these tips to help you figure out your fall beauty routine.

First, Consider Your Time Schedule

Before you go out to buy new products in a panic, pause and think about what your routine looks like right now. Some people spend their mornings devoting most of their time to taking care of themselves, while others use any extra minutes to sleep longer and rush out the door at the last minute. Whatever you do now, you should try to make your fall routine resemble it.

Part of what makes beauty routines work is making a habit out of your changes. If you start spending more time in the morning on something new than you’re used to, you’ll eventually resent what will feel like a waste of your time and stop doing that new technique. The way you currently use your time before you head out to your job works, so don’t stray too far from it in order for your new routine to stick.

Look Into A New Soap

When the weather cools down, it’s common for people to react by getting dry skin, but did you know that your soap might be helping to speed up the process? Soap that bubbles quickly and smells amazing after a day on the beach won’t work the same for your skin in the winter, because it could dry out your skin without you knowing about it. Instead, swap your soap for something more moisturizing, and look for ingredients like almond oil and honey to ensure that you’re getting the best for you skin.

Get Some Essential Oils

You’ve probably seen your friends talking about essential oils all over social media, so you might be sick of hearing about them enough to not try them. Don’t fall into this trap! Essential oils can improve your life in numerous ways, especially when used in your beauty routine. Wake up on a cool fall morning and have puffy eyes? Take a second to mix a little witch hazel in with the oil you use on your face. They’re an all-natural way to help your skin during all times of the year.

Peek Into Your Pantry

You know the feeling of dread that happens when you feel your lips drying out and cracking. You can apply store-bought lip moisturizers all day long, but sometimes they just don’t work. Save yourself the money and look in your pantry for the answer instead. By incorporating a brown sugar and water mixture into your beauty routine, you’ll have healthy, soft lips in no time! Apply a few times a week and your lips will feel like new.

Smooth Your Hair

When summer changes into fall, that means you’ll be dealing with lots of rainstorms. Anyone knows that rain means frizzy hair, which is exhausting to fight off every day. This fall, skip the battles and go straight for some help with salon level hair smoothing products that won’t break the bank. There’s hope for keeping the frizz away without looking greasy. All it takes is a little time on the weekend to experiment and see what’s right for your hair.

It’s almost impossible to keep the same beauty routine going all year long. In even minor ways, you’re already changing up what you do without even noticing it. This fall, find out what your seasonal beauty struggles are and how much time you have to devote to them, then get fixing! In the end, you’ll feel more confident and ready to take on whatever the cold weather has to offer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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