13 Signs You’re A Law Student

1. Eating a $1.00 frozen pizza that tastes absolutely nothing like pizza for three meals a day has become normal.

2. The term hedonistic is now defined as sleeping in for a two-hour nap before the next class begins.

3. Whenever you plot a crime against that know-it-all bitch from Law and Economics of Development, you find yourself thinking about how long must you stay in Cuba before coming back in order to avoid prosecution (Statute of Limitation, betcheeesss).

4. You begin to dream about answering quizzes and wake up at 3AM in cold sweat once you get to the part where your buck-toothed, Droopy-like lecturer appears.



5. You can’t stop thinking about how much more enjoyable life would be if you just took the major that you actually wanted instead of listening to your mother’s incessant ramblings.

6. You begin despising your mother for it.

7. …Which reminds you just how long you haven’t talked to your mother.

8. ‘Mommy, I wanna come hooooomeeeee’ *cries for an hour*.

9. You post a picture of your college friend chugging down a bottle of red wine while driving her car on Instagram and hashtags which laws she just offended.

10. You smuggle a bottle of water and a bag of chips whenever you go to a movie theatre for economic reasons, and once you get caught by the security, you create a lengthy argument comprising of random Latin terms such as ‘ne bis in idem’ or ‘nullum delictum nulla poena sine praevia lege poenali’ until he leaves and let you watch in peace.

11. You begin printscreen-ing every conversation you have on your phone as “proof” that your conversing partner has promised to drop by and grab your laundry on Tuesday before lunchtime and has failed to do so.

12. No one dares to fight you and remains quiet every time you content their statement.

13. You, after only one year of Pre-Law, have decided that you will never work a day in your life in a field that is in any way related to law once you graduated. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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