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25 Little Lessons I Learned About Life By 25

I turned 25 this week and here are the little lessons that I have learned along the way.

1. Life is short. 

Life truly is short. It’s meant to be enjoyed and not wasted. It doesn’t mean we should be careless. It means that we should be grateful for each breath and only spend time doing what we love. We should never take anything for granted.

2. Sometimes people leave. 

People leave your life at times. Sometimes it can be truly devastating. However, we must know that everything happens for a reason and sometimes people have their own growing to do that is separate from us.

3. We aren’t meant to control.

We were never meant to control everything. There are some things that we must learn to surrender. Other people and situations are just simply not within our control.

4. Not everything is as it seems.

At times, not everything is black and white. Sometimes things can be very complex. It’s best that we understand that just because something seems a certain way, that doesn’t mean it is.

5. Obstacles are part of the journey. 

Obstacles aren’t necessarily fun. However, they really are part of our own unique journey. The obstacles are what teach us what we want and what we do not want. They really shows us the truth about ourselves.

6. The little details really don’t matter.

We may stress over the little details of things. However, these things don’t really matter in comparison to the important things. When all is said and done, the little things that we obsess over are really just not that significant.

7. Done is better than perfect.

Trying to make things perfect is a highly impossible task. Things will never be perfect. However, it is important that we give our tasks the attention that they deserve.

8. People are their own people and are in charge of their own happiness.

We have all been guilty of trying to understand or please others. This is not likely. It’s never really likely that you will be able to fully understand anyone else let alone make them happy. It’s not your job to make others happy. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.

9. Struggles make us stronger.

Any struggle that you have gone through big or small, has shaped you into who you are. Struggles really do make us stronger and better.

10. Unconditional love is real. 

With all that happens in the world, it can be hard to truly believe in unconditional love. However, when you slow down and enjoy life you realize that unconditional love is all around you.

11. You attract the love that you believe you deserve. 

You truly do attract the type of love that you believe that you are worthy of having. If you aren’t happy with the love you are receiving, start loving yourself more and realizing what you deserve.

12. Life is too special to settle. 

Life really is a precious gift. It’s your job to be sure that you’re not settling in any area of your life. Whether it be in relationships, friendships, career, etc.

13. Some people show empathy and some people show apathy. 

There are some types of people that are very empathetic and giving. Meanwhile, there are others who don’t really care. Of course there are those in the middle. Do your best to show love in the way that you know how without letting anyone else impact you.

14. It’s important to mind your own business.

When you are focusing on what other people are doing and saying, you are leaving no room for you to just be you. What others are doing is really none of your concern.

15. Boundaries are so important. 

It’s important to love others and to give to others. However, we must be sure that we are loving ourselves first. We really cannot give any value to others without valuing ourselves and setting the proper boundaries.

16. Time doesn’t really exist.

Time may exist but it doesn’t have to. The truth is that we make time for whatever we want to make time for. We all have the same amount of time in a day and we can’t let a lack of time limit us.

17. Some things in society are just not true.

Society teaches us a lot of things about what we “should” be doing. We must learn that we don’t have to listen to all the “shoulds” and that we don’t have to conform.

18. Beliefs can be changed. 

Just because you’ve always believed something doesn’t mean that it’s true. Any belief can be analyzed and changed at any time. You don’t have to hold onto the beliefs that you grew up around.

19. We must prioritize things.

As I mentioned earlier, we can give time to whatever we want. We must decide what’s important to us and understand what we value most. This way, we can surely make time for it.

20. Being healthy means different things to different people.

One person may believe that being healthy is exercising. Meanwhile, there are others who believe being healthy means dieting. Other places, there are people who are completely healthy and not dieting or exercising. Being healthy is more of a mindset.

21. We are all more capable than we believe. 

As humans, we are often more judgmental of ourselves than anyone else will ever be towards us. We limit ourselves and self-sabotage our greatest efforts. If only we could see what miracles we truly all are. We are each a unique gift to the world.

22. Some things are overrated. 

There are many “norms” or habits that people fall into. Some of those things are simply just overrated. What truly is important at the end of the day is unique to everyone. The “in things” are irrelevant.

23. There are many ways of doing the same thing. 

Sometimes there are many ways to do the same thing. Sometimes everyone is correct when it comes to the way that they are doing things. One way isn’t necessarily right or wrong.

24. Pets are one of life’s greatest gifts. 

Animals are so therapeutic and sometimes the greatest companions in all of life. They show us what unconditional love truly is.

25. People make choices off what they think is best. 

This is a truly valuable statement. People make choices off of what they think is best whether it be for them or for others. Respect that people choose what they believe is the greatest decision at that time. There’s no need to be disappointed or weighed down by the choices of others. TC mark

I love celebrating life!

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